Salt Lake Roasting Co Label

Hits: 9Beans: Kenya, SL28, Ruiru 11, Washed, Kirinyaga, Kenya.Shop: Salt Lake Roasting Company, webshop, Salt Lake City, USA. Salt Lake Roasting Company: background information. In 1981 Salt Lake Roasting Company started their business and has been a steady entity in Salt Lake City coffee scene. The coffee shop has recentlyRead More →

Alt Wien Kaffee Samaipata Bourbon package

Hits: 7Beans: Tacu y Trapiche, Bourbon, Washed, Samaipata, Bolivia.Shop: Alt Wien Kaffee, webshop, Vienna, Austria. Alt Wien Kaffee – Samaipata Bourbon: background information. Alt Wien Kaffee (roaster of this Samaipata Bourbon coffee) is a typical Viennese coffee shop located just outside the centre of Vienna. Aside from the Viennese architecture,Read More →

Sumo Coffee Roasters El Obraje

Hits: 30Bean: El Obraje, Gesha, washed, Narino, Colombia.Shop: Sumo Coffee Roasters, webshop, Dublin, Ireland. Sumo Coffee Roasters: Background information. Talking about a new player in the Irish coffee scene: Sumo Coffee Roasters was founded in the summer of 2020 by Daniel Horbat. To people in the Irish coffee scene, andRead More →

WOW Coffee Barkume Package

Hits: 17Beans: Barkume, Heirloom, washed, Guji, Ethiopia.Shop: WOW Coffee, webshop, Oeiras, Portugal WOW Coffee – Background information. It was during my trip to Lisbon in Portugal that encountered WOW Coffee for the first time. I did see a few of their coffees pass by on Instagram but never pursued theRead More →

Keen Coffee Agau de Nieve

Hits: 26Beans: Agua de Nieve, Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, washed, Jauga, Peru.Shop: Keen Coffee, webshop, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Keen Coffee: Background information. In the centre of The Netherlands lies the city of Utrecht. A city known for it’s marvelous cathedral, canals and bustling everyday life. It is also host to KeenRead More →

Coffee Tour Roasters

Hits: 51Beans: El Cardamomo, Parainema, washed, El Paraiso, Honduras.Shop: Coffee Tour Roasters, webshop, Seoul, South Korea. Coffee Tour Roasters – Background information. A few years back I was wandering the streets of Seoul, looking for a very hard to find coffee shop called Coffee Tour Roasters. After finding it IRead More →

Back to Black susy alcaron package

Hits: 11Beans: Back to Black, Yellow Caturra, Washed, Tabaconas, San Ignacio, Peru.Shop: Back to Black, Webshop, Amnsterdam, The Netherlands. Back to Black: Background information. In July 2014, the doors of the first Back to Black specialty coffee bar, on Weteringstraat in Amsterdam, opened it’s doors. In 2015 they started roastingRead More →

Coffee Annan Limu package

Hits: 11Beans: Limu, Mixed Heirloom, washed, Kata Muduga Farmers Union, Ethiopia.Shop: Coffee Annan, Webshop, Zurich, Zwitserland. Coffee Annan – Background information. The roaster of this Limu, Coffee Annan, has one goal: To combine exclusive quality coffee belonging to the top 1% of coffees world wide, while at the same timeRead More →