Ankomn Turn-and-Seal test 1

Hits: 136Ankomn is a innovative Taiwan based company that specializes itself in high end plastic modelling. Since a while now, the company is also looking into developing new products and with the Turn-and-seal they hope to dominate the vacuum container market. Already proven to work amazingly on fresh products, theRead More →

Rufous Kagwanja AA Logo

Hits: 6Beans: Kenya Kagwanja AA, SL28/SL34, Washed, Kiambu, Kenya. Shop: Rufous Coffee, Taipei, Taiwan Rufous Coffee – Kenya Kagwanja AA: Background information. Rufous Coffee is one of the most famous coffee shops in Taipei. Owner Xiao Yang roasts the coffee himself and takes pride in the coffee that he serves.Read More →

Nido Blend Logo

Hits: 7Beans: Nido Blend (Yirgacheffe, Colombia, Brazil). Shop: Nido, Yamada Coffee, Taipei, Taiwan. Since the recipe of the Nido Blend is a secret, the background info on this review will be a little different. The blend is only for sale in the Nido coffee shop but do not let thatRead More →

nido interior 2

Hits: 26The city of Taipei is a bustling place full of people, cars and neon-signs. Amidst that storm of stimulus rests a beacon of tranquillity and peace; a coffee shop called Nido. It’s late in the afternoon when I take the MRT metro to the City Hall station of Taipei.Read More →

Berg Wu Chasing the champion

Hits: 31When I saw my schedule and it said that I was going to Taipei, I could only think of one thing: “That’s the city where the 2016 Barista champion Berg Wu lives. I have got to meet up with him!” When I arrived in Taipei I already knew thatRead More →