Balance Coffee Amederero

Hits: 7Beans: Amederaro, Heirloom, Natural-ASD, Konga, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.Shop: Balance Coffee, Webshop, Singapore. Balance Coffee: Background information. Balance Coffee was formerly known as Geisha Specialty Coffee, a well known name in the Singapore coffee scene and in mainland China. Ever since COVID ran its course, and the university near the formerRead More →

The Coffee Acadmics Exotic Jairo Arcila label 2

Hits: 0Beans: The Coffee Academics, Castillo, Natural, Finca Buenos Aires, Quindio, ColombiaShop: The Coffee Academics, Singapore (Hong Kong etc), Singapore. The Coffee Academics – Exotic Jairo Arcila: Background information. The Coffee Academics is a specialty coffee shop-chain that runs throughout Asia. When I first came across The Coffee Academics, IRead More →

ppp coffee don afonso package

Hits: 12Beans: Don Afonso, Esperanza, Natural, Turrialba, Costa Rica.Shop: PPP Coffee, webshop, several locations, Singapore. PPP Coffee – Don Afonso: Background information. PPP Coffee, or formerly known as Papa Palheta Coffee, is a old acquaintance to me. I first encountered Papa Palheta in around 2017/18 when I had my firstRead More →

Geisha Specialty Coffee - Kenya Kirinyaga logo

Hits: 28>Bean: SL28 and SL34 AB, washed, Kirinyaga County, Kenya. Shop: Geisha Specialty Coffee, Singapore. Geisha Specialty Coffee – Kenya Kirinyaga: Background information. This Kenya Kirinyaga from Geisha Specialty Coffee comes from Kirinyaga County in Kenya. This County is located north-east from Nairobi and harbours many farms in the area.Read More →

The best coffee shops in Singapore Marina Bay Sands

Hits: 100In this article I will tell you about the best coffee shops in Singapore. When people think of Singapore they often think of high-rises, money, expensive cars and expats. Underneath the surface of all that is an extensive coffee scene that offers the best coffee, great Baristas and coffeeRead More →

Geisha Specialty Blend Coffee Attendant

Hits: 20Bean: Papua New Guinea, Guatemala and Brazil Shop: Geisha Specialty Coffee, Singapore Geisha Specialty Blend: Background information When I visited Geisha Specialty Coffee owner Wang Tao gave me a package of Geisha Specialty Blend espresso. The taste surprised me and I really wanted to review this blend for theRead More →

Bicky and Brew Singapore

Hits: 21When I woke up today I wanted a bit of sunshine and a good cup of coffee. Too bad the weather was overcast and the threat of rain hung in the air. Just when I was about to order a coffee at the hotel bar, I remembered my colleagueRead More →

Singapore Barista Trail 20-8-2017

Hits: 49Today I started down the path of the Singapore Barista Trail; a path where I take you to the first three great coffee shops. Singapore is a city with opportunities and wealth. Never in my life have I seen so many Ferrari’s, Bentley’s and Lamborghini’s in one spot (well,Read More →