MOK Specialty Coffee Rwanda Gatare logo

Hits: 24Beans: Rwanda Gatare, Red Bourbon, Natural, Nyamasheke, Rwanda.Shop: MOK Specialty Coffee, webshop, Bruxelles/Leuven, Belgium. MOK Specialty Coffee – Rwanda Gatare: Background information. MOK Specialty Coffee Roastery and Bar is a well known Belgian roaster that houses in Bruxelles and Leuven. Although it considers itself a micro-roastery, the level ofRead More →

Audun Coffee Muhondo Logo

Hits: 38Beans: Muhondo, Red Bourbon, Natural, Gakenke, Rwanda.Shop: Audun Coffee, webshop, Poland. Audun Coffee: Background information. Audun Coffee ‘Muhondo’ was roasted by Norwegian roaster Audun Sorbotten. Audun started his career at the oldest Norwegian roastery Solberg & Hansen and it was there that he really started loving coffee for whatRead More →

Steans Beans Mbili

Hits: 29Beans: Steans Beans, Mbili, Red Bourbon, Fully Washed, Nyakabuye, Rwanda.Shop: Steans Beans, Webshop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Steans Beans: Background information. Steans Beans is the coffee company founded by Kenyan Stean Fasol. Stean has always been passionate about Africa, the region, its people and its coffee. Since 2015, he worksRead More →

Mabo Coffee Roasters Muganza

Hits: 66Beans: Mabo Coffee Roasters, Bourbon, Natural, Muganza Gisagara, Rwanda.Shop: Mabo Coffee Roasters, webshop, Bucharest, Romania. Mabo Coffee Roasters – Muganza: Background information. This Muganza comes from Mabo Coffee Roasters, a roaster owned by World Coffee Roasting vice-champion Bogdan Georgescu. Bogdan works in the IT business and only started doingRead More →

Single Estate Coffee Roasters Gitesi Logo

Hits: 43Beans: Gitesi, Bourbon, Natural, Gitesi, Rwanda.Shop: Single Estate Coffee Roasters, Webshop, Maasdijk, The Netherlands. Single Estate Coffee Roasters – Gitesi: Background information. Gitesi is a private washing station owned and run by a father and son team, Alexis and Aime Gahizi. The washing station was built in 2005 andRead More →

Manhattan Coffee Roasters Kinini Logo

Hits: 32Beans: Kinini, Bourbon/Jackson/Mayaguez 71, Rebero, Rwanda.Shop: Manhattan Coffee Roasters, Webshop, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Manhattan Coffee Roasters – Kinini: Background information. As you all know by now, I am a sucker for coffees that contribute to improving the environment or supporting communities abroad. Manhattan Coffee Roasters Kinini is such aRead More →

Hits: 74Beans: Connoisseurs Choice, Tres Barras Brazil, Kinini Rwanda, Carmen Panama.Shop: Manhattan Coffee roasters, Webshop, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Manhattan Coffee Roasters – Connoisseurs Choice: Background information. Manhattan Coffee Roasters is already a big name in The Netherlands. This comes as no surprise since Latte Art Champions Esther Maasdam and BenRead More →

Hits: 11Beans: Origin Bushekeri Lot 1&4, Red Bourbon, Washed, Polyphile Harerimana, Rwanda.Shop: Society Cafe, Origin, Bath, England, United Kingdom. Origin – Bushekeri Lot 1&4: Background Information. This coffee from Origin is a an omniroast coffee from the area near Lake Kivu, Rwanda. The coffee cherries are harvested by 385 producersRead More →