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Bean: Bourbon, San Ignacio, Peru. Shop: Sudden Coffee, roasted by Intelligentsia Coffee, San Francisco, USA. Sudden Coffee – Peru Rayos Del Sol: Background information. When we think of instant coffee, we think of a murky liquid that we only drink when our lives depend on it. This was exactly whatRead More →

Bean: Jaen Cajamarca, single origin, Bourbon Shop: The Coffee Road Jaen Cajamarca: Background information Once again I have reviewed a bean from The Coffee Road: Jaen Cajamarca. This bean comes from the North-western part of Peru and is grown in the Cajamarca region. If we zoom in a bit closerRead More →

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Beans: Ritual, single origin, Tipica plant. Shop: Tazza Cafe, Lima Peru If you read my blog ‘Dont Look for Love, Look for Coffee‘, you already know about Tazza Cafe and what a great place it is. Now you can read about their Ritual coffee in this review. Ritual: Background informationRead More →

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Tazza Caffe: Don’t look for love, look for coffee. When I got Pietro Del Sante Blok’s first whatsapp in the middle of the night I was a bit confused. Here was a stranger who contacted me to ask me if I would be so kind as to visit his coffeeRead More →

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Beans: Pasñapacana Cusco Shop: The Coffee Road, Lima, Peru Once in a while you bump into a treasure when reviewing an unknown coffee. Today was such a day, and I am super excited to let you guys know just how good the Pasñapacana Cusco is. I do want to tellRead More →

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In one of my previous blogs I mentioned Alejandro Chu, the owner of The Coffee Road coffee shop in Lima. Alejandro has turned The Coffee Road in one of the best coffee hotspots in Lima where you can enjoy a quality cup of Peruvian coffee in a setting that remindsRead More →