Lilo Coffee Roasters Keita Nakamura smile

Hits: 20In the concrete maze of Osaka there is a small shop called Lilo Coffee Roasters. This ‘easy to mis’ shop is the home of the perpetual smile of Keita Nakamura: Barista, Roaster and mentor of the staff of Lilo Coffee Roasters. Lilo Coffee Roasters is a brand that IRead More →

Lilo coffee Roasters Alfredo Diaz logo

Hits: 41Beans: Caturra, Natural, Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. Shop: Lilo Coffee Roasters, Osaka, Japan. lilo Coffee Roasters: Don Alfredo Diaz – Background information. Lilo coffee roasters’ Alfredo Diaz is a single origin coffee from the Jarabacoa district in the Dominican Republic. The Don Alfredo farm is well known in the worldRead More →

Coffee Attendant Lilo Coffee Roasters Keita Nakamura

Hits: 51Lilo Coffee Roasters in Osaka, Japan; a cold brew coffee destination. When you think of Japan, the things that first come to mind are probably Sushi, Samurai and Bonzai tree’s. For a long time the same applied to me, but no longer. Last week I went to Lilo CoffeeRead More →