Bruegel and Son Layyoo Natural

Hits: 36Beans: Layyoo Natural, Mixed Heirloom, Guji Ethiopia.Shop: Bruegel & Son, webshop, Son & Breugel, The Netherlands. Bruegel and Son: Background information. This first section of the Bruegel and Son Layyoo Natural is going to be a little weird. While writing this review, the website of this brand new roasterRead More →

World Barista Championship 2018 Amsterdam

Hits: 144The World Barista Championship are about to start. Over 60 competitors will compete to become the next World Barista Champion. It sounds easy; you brew coffee and the best one wins, right? Basically you are right, but there’s a lot more to it. So how does it all work?Read More →

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018 Logo

Hits: 15The Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018 was a blast. Right now it is the morning after the day before and the caffeine has finally left my body. Even though I was at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018 for just one day, it left a big impression on me.    Read More →

Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018 feature

Hits: 16The Amsterdam Coffee Festival is back for the fifth year in a row. The famous WesterGasfabriek in Amsterdam plays host to the biggest coffee festival in The Netherlands, hosting over more than 15.000 visitors in one weekend. Professionals, amateurs and coffee lovers alike will be visiting this festival toRead More →

Merijn Gijsbers

Hits: 17(Photo was taken by Inge van Beekum) Merijn Gijsbers is the 2017 Dutch Barista Champion and participant in the WBC finals in Seoul coming November. Since The Coffee Attendant will be bringing him there next week (the 27th of October 2017), it’s high time we got know Merijn aRead More →