Audun Coffee Aguas Claras

Hits: 26Beans: Aguas Claras, Colombia, Castillo, Washed, Huila, Colombia.Shop: Audun Coffee, webshop, Poland. Audun Coffee: Background information. Audun Coffee ‘Aguas Claras’ was roasted by Norwegian roaster Audun Sorbotten. Audun started his career at the oldest Norwegian roastery Solberg & Hansen and it was there that he really started loving coffeeRead More →

manhattan coffee roasters package

Hits: 71Beans: Chaman, Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, washed, Huila, Colombia.Shop: Manhattan Coffee roasters, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Chaman: Background information. This Chaman coffee comes by way of the Productor company which is run by Rodolfo Battle. Rodolfo is a third generation coffee farmer and consultant from El Salvador. Rodolfo has has beenRead More →

Hits: 8Beans: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Washed, Huila, Colombia.Shop: Crno Zrno, Ljubliana, Slovenia. Crno Zrno – El Jordan: Background information. Crno Zrno is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands in Europe. I am fortunate enough to have a brother living in Slovenia and so I can get my hands onRead More →

Finca Tamana Lot Sixty One logo

Hits: 13Beans: Finca Tamana, Caturra, Semi Washed, Huila, Colombia. Shop: Lot Sixty One, web shop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Lot Sixty One – Finca Tamana: Background information. The semi washed Finca Tamana coffee from Lot Sixty One in Amsterdam is a coffee with a lot to tell about. The farm isRead More →

Batavia cold drip coffee 1

Hits: 18Beans: Batavia Cold Drip – Salvadoran España (Bourbon family), Colombian Huila (Caturra Family), Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Mixed Heirloom). Shop: Batavia Cold Drip Coffee, web shop, The Netherlands. Batavia Cold Drip Coffee – Background information. To many of my readers the Batavia Cold Drip coffee concept is a relatively new ideaRead More →