The Blend Giraffe Coffee Roasters

Hits: 49Beans: The Blend, 75% Brazil yellow bourbon, 25% Ethiopian mixed Heirloom Shop: Giraffe Coffee webshop Today I am reviewing The Blend of Giraffe Coffee Roasters. The Blend consists out of two beans: a Brazilian Yellow Bourbon (75%) and Ethiopian Mixed Heirloom (25%) and is 100% Arabica. The nice thingRead More →

Giraffe Coffee Roasters Reko

Hits: 22Beans: Reko, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia Shop: Giraffe Coffee Roasters, The Netherlands Reko: Background information This review is about the Reko coffee of Giraffe Coffee Roasters in The Netherlands. The Reko coffee is grown near Kochere, Yirgacheffe. Yirgacheffe is the area in Ethiopia which is famous for its coffee, and soRead More →