Hits: 26Beans: Abu Coffee, Geisha Green Tip, Natural, Boquete, Panama.Shop: By search, worldwide, Panama City, Panama. Abu Coffee – Background information. Abu Coffee is a rising star in the celestial skies of Geisha farms from Panama. Amidst geisha gianst such as Finca Deborah, La Esmeralda and many more, Abu CoffeeRead More →

Geisha Green Tip Panama Lissy

Hits: 59Beans: Finca Stal, Green tip Geisha, 72hrs slow drying Anaerobic, Natural, Boquete, Panama.Shop: Coffea Circulor, webshop, Norway and Sweden. Coffea Circulor – Finca Stal: Background information. Coffea Circulor, the roaster behind the Panama Lissy, is an international team of coffee professionals that, through inspiration, innovation and environmental care, wantsRead More →

Eureka Brew Pro Finca Deborah Geisha

Hits: 75Beans: Finca Deborah, Geisha, Carbonic Maceration, Volcan, Panama.Shop: Competition coffee from Niels Te Vaanhold. Finca Deborah – Geisha: Background information. Welcome to Finca Deborah; one of the most remote and highest placed coffee farms in Panama. Located in Volcan, this farm is a shade grown plantation that blends intoRead More →

Gardelli Carmen Estate

Hits: 38Beans: Gardelli Carmen Estate, Geisha, Washed, Boquete, Panama.Shop: Gardelli, webshop, Forli, Italy. Gardelli – Carmen Estate: Background Information. It has been over nine years ago that Carlos Aguilera planted Geisha coffee on his farm Carmen Estate. In its first year of production Carlos’ Geisha won both a Good FoodRead More →