Friedhats El Salvador Miramar logo

Hits: 23Beans: Red Bourbon, Typica, Anaerobic, Santa Ana Volcano, El Salvador.Shop: Friedhats, FUKU and webshop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Friedhats – El Salvador Miramar: Background information. Friedhats is a micro roastery in the city of amsterdam, run by Lex Wenneker (runner-up 2018 WBC) and Dylan Sedgwick. In september 2018, Friedhats openedRead More →

Muttley & Jack's Las Palmas #11

Hits: 16Beans: Las Palmas Microlot #11, Pacamara, Natural, Los Pirineos, El Salvador.Shop: Muttley & Jack’s, Cafe Esaias, Stockholm, Sweden. Muttley & Jacks – Las Palmas #11: Background information. This special coffee comes from the Swedish coffee roaster: Muttley & Jack’s. Founded in Stockholm in 2017, Muttley & Jack’s is aRead More →

Batavia cold drip coffee 1

Hits: 18Beans: Batavia Cold Drip – Salvadoran España (Bourbon family), Colombian Huila (Caturra Family), Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Mixed Heirloom). Shop: Batavia Cold Drip Coffee, web shop, The Netherlands. Batavia Cold Drip Coffee – Background information. To many of my readers the Batavia Cold Drip coffee concept is a relatively new ideaRead More →

El Salvador Esmeralda Honey logo

Hits: 31Bean: Bourbon, Honey Washed, Finca Esmeralda, Ahuachapan, El Salvador. Shop: Boot (El Salvador Esmeralda Honey), Baarn, The Netherlands Boot – El Salvador Esmeralda Honey: Background information. The limited edition filter version of the El Salvador Esmeralda Honey comes from the famous roaster ‘Boot’ in the Netherlands. To go backRead More →

Finca Las Brumas Logo

Hits: 46Bean: SL28, washed Shop: Has Bean Coffee, United Kingdom Finca Las Brumas: Background information. Finca Las Brumas is a farm that has been in the Menéndez Argüello family for four generations. The farm is located an hours drive from the City of Santa Ana and has about 60 hectaresRead More →

El Salvador Santa Rosa logo

Hits: 31Bean: Pacamara, Santa Rosa, El Salvador Shop: Coffee Libre, Seoul, South-Korea El Salvador Santa Rosa: Background information. The El Salvador Santa Rosa is produced on the Santa Rosa farm in Chalatenango, El Salvador. The farm was bought by the Rivera brothers, Jorge and Raul, almost 24 years ago. AtRead More →