The Coffee Acadmics Exotic Jairo Arcila label 2

Hits: 3Beans: The Coffee Academics, Castillo, Natural, Finca Buenos Aires, Quindio, ColombiaShop: The Coffee Academics, Singapore (Hong Kong etc), Singapore. The Coffee Academics – Exotic Jairo Arcila: Background information. The Coffee Academics is a specialty coffee shop-chain that runs throughout Asia. When I first came across The Coffee Academics, IRead More →

Kaffee Alt Wien Bermudez Frutos Rojos El Paraiso

Hits: 45Beans: Alt Wien Kaffee, Castillo, Double Anaerobic Fermentation, Cauca, Colombia.Shop: Alt Wien Kaffee, Shop, Webshop, Vienna, Austria. Alt Wien Kaffee: Background Information. Alt Wien Kaffee is a typical Viennese coffee shop located just outside the centre of Vienna. Aside from the Viennese architecture, this coffee shop is very differentRead More →

Audun Coffee Aguas Claras

Hits: 28Beans: Aguas Claras, Colombia, Castillo, Washed, Huila, Colombia.Shop: Audun Coffee, webshop, Poland. Audun Coffee: Background information. Audun Coffee ‘Aguas Claras’ was roasted by Norwegian roaster Audun Sorbotten. Audun started his career at the oldest Norwegian roastery Solberg & Hansen and it was there that he really started loving coffeeRead More →

manhattan coffee roasters package

Hits: 75Beans: Chaman, Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, washed, Huila, Colombia.Shop: Manhattan Coffee roasters, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Chaman: Background information. This Chaman coffee comes by way of the Productor company which is run by Rodolfo Battle. Rodolfo is a third generation coffee farmer and consultant from El Salvador. Rodolfo has has beenRead More →

5 Brewing Blend logo

Hits: 7Beans: 5 Brewing Blend, Guatemala Miravalle Farm, Colombia Popayan Caturra, Typica, Castillo.Shop: 5 Brewing, Seoul, South Korea. 5 Brewing Blend: Background information. This is the review of the 5 Brewing Blend, a blend that was carefully selected by roaster Do Hyung Soo, who happens to be the owner ofRead More →

Crno Zrno rosales

Hits: 8Rosales Beans: Caturra, Castillo, Typica,Colombia, Natural, Narino, colombia.Shop: Crno Zrno, Webshop, Ljubjana, Slovenia. Crno Zrno – Rosales: Background information. In the beautiful hills of the now so famous department of Narino lie the municipalities of Buesaco and Tablón de Goméz. It is there that some of the best ColombianRead More →

Hits: 8Beans: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Washed, Huila, Colombia.Shop: Crno Zrno, Ljubliana, Slovenia. Crno Zrno – El Jordan: Background information. Crno Zrno is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands in Europe. I am fortunate enough to have a brother living in Slovenia and so I can get my hands onRead More →

Mirador el Naranjo coffee logo

Hits: 9Bean: Caturra, Castillo, Washed Shop: Cafe Cultor, Bogota, Colombia Mirador el Naranjo: background information Mirador el Naranjo is a farm owned by Rodrigo Arley Diaz, the winner of the 2017 Cup of Excellence in Colombia. Not only was it the first time that Rodrigo Arley Diaz participated in thisRead More →