caffenation Kenya Ken

Hits: 10Bean: Kenya Nyeri Ndima-ini Peaberry. Shop: Caffenation Kenya Ken: Background information: Caffenation bought this Kenya Nyeri Ndima-ini Peaberry by auction and was the lucky one to land this lot and thus create Caffenation Kenya Ken. The peaberry (known for its amazing flavours) consists out of the SL28 andRead More →

Caffenation Mister LGB and Kenya Ken

Hits: 22Bean: 75% Sidamo Guji, Kenya and 25% Red de Mujeres, Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Shop: Mister LGB: Background information: In this review I will tell you about my findings on Mister LGB from Caffenation Specialty Coffee Roasters from Belgium. This coffee is made out of 75% Sidamo Guji grade 1Read More →