Cabrera Coffee Roasters Pacamara (5)

Hits: 23Beans: Cabrera Coffee Roasters, Pacamara, Chilled Cherry, Boquete, Panama.Shop: Cabrera Coffee Roasters, Panama City, Panama. Cabrera Coffee Roasters – Background information. Cabrera Coffee Roasters has opened it’s doors during the covid19 pandemic and, although the clientele was at an all time low, still managed to live through the situation.Read More →

MABO Finca Lerida ASD logo

Hits: 13Beans: Finca Lerida, Catuai, Anaerobic Slow Dried, Boquete, Panama.Shop: MABO, webshop, Bucharest, Romania. MABO – Background information. This Anaerobic Slow Dried Catuai from Finca Lerida is roasted by Mabo Coffee Roasters. MABO is a roastery owned by 2019 World Coffee Roasting vice-champion Bogdan Georgescu. Bogdan worked in the ITRead More →

Eureka Brew Pro Finca Deborah Geisha

Hits: 76Beans: Finca Deborah, Geisha, Carbonic Maceration, Volcan, Panama.Shop: Competition coffee from Niels Te Vaanhold. Finca Deborah – Geisha: Background information. Welcome to Finca Deborah; one of the most remote and highest placed coffee farms in Panama. Located in Volcan, this farm is a shade grown plantation that blends intoRead More →

Gardelli Carmen Estate

Hits: 39Beans: Gardelli Carmen Estate, Geisha, Washed, Boquete, Panama.Shop: Gardelli, webshop, Forli, Italy. Gardelli – Carmen Estate: Background Information. It has been over nine years ago that Carlos Aguilera planted Geisha coffee on his farm Carmen Estate. In its first year of production Carlos’ Geisha won both a Good FoodRead More →

Out of the Grey panama boquete logo

Hits: 32Beans: Typica, Washed & Patio dried, Boquete, Panama. Shop: Out of the Grey, Pennsylvania, USA. Panama Boquete – Background information: Boquete is a region in the north of Panama where some of the best Panamanian coffee comes from. This particular coffee is from a small farm that lies inRead More →