El Salvador Esmeralda Honey logo

Hits: 32Bean: Bourbon, Honey Washed, Finca Esmeralda, Ahuachapan, El Salvador. Shop: Boot (El Salvador Esmeralda Honey), Baarn, The Netherlands Boot – El Salvador Esmeralda Honey: Background information. The limited edition filter version of the El Salvador Esmeralda Honey comes from the famous roaster ‘Boot’ in the Netherlands. To go backRead More →

Panama Birdsong logo 2

Hits: 39Bean: Cartuai, Caturra, Washed and Honey washed, Finca Hartmann, Panama. Shop: Boot, Baarn, The Netherlands. Boot – Panama Birdsong: Background information. The Panama Birdsong comes from the famous Finca Hartmann Estate in Panama. This Estate is located in the North-Western region, up against the slopes of the Volcan BaruRead More →