Cafflano Krinder handgrinder

Hits: 752Cafflano is a manufacturer of coffee brewers that are specifically designed to use anywhere. At home, at the office, on a field trip and even in the airplane you see the Cafflano brewers pop-up. The only thing that was missing, was a Cafflano Krinder to grind the coffee with.Read More →

Cafflano Go-Brew

Hits: 105As you all know I’m a big fan of Cafflano brewers; I travel the world and always bring coffee on my travels. There is no greater joy in being able to bring along a brewer that is light, easy to carry and easy to use. I have been lookingRead More →

Cafflano Kompresso

Hits: 497Cafflano Kompresso: Background information. Cafflano is a name which appears in my Instagram and Facebook posts more and more. The reason is simple: I travel a lot and want to brew coffee where ever I am. This is exactly what Beanscorp set out to do when they started producingRead More →

Cafflano Kompact Logo

Hits: 257Beanscorp has started the production of the Cafflano products in 2013 and their product line now consists out of three coffee makers: Cafflano Klassic, Cafflano Kompact and the Cafflano Kompresso. In just 5 years they have managed to sell their products in over 80 countries using a simple butRead More →