Barista Jam - Wonsho Hunkute Lot 2

Hits: 9Bean: Heirloom, Washed process, Wonsho Hunkute cooperative, Sidamo, Ethiopia. Shop: Barista Jam, Hong Kong. Barista Jam – Wonsho Hunkute Lot 2: Background information. This coffee is from a Cooperative within the Sidama Union, the Wonsho Hunkute cooperative. This cooperative is known for the high altitude on which the farmersRead More →

Hits: 91In this article I will tell you about the best coffee shops in Hong Kong. When people think of Hong Kong they often think of Horse Racing, money, expensive cars and a fast and luxurious lifestyle. Underneath the surface of all that is an old but highly sophisticated coffeeRead More →

Barista Jam Best coffee shops in Hong Kong

Hits: 29Barista Jam is one of the oldest coffee shops in Hong Kong, so I had to visit the place. When I bumped into the owner William So, we started talking. Before long we were in the middle of a full blown interview and I got to know William SoRead More →