Friedhats El Salvador Miramar logo

Hits: 31Beans: Red Bourbon, Typica, Anaerobic, Santa Ana Volcano, El Salvador.Shop: Friedhats, FUKU and webshop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Friedhats – El Salvador Miramar: Background information. Friedhats is a micro roastery in the city of amsterdam, run by Lex Wenneker (runner-up 2018 WBC) and Dylan Sedgwick. In september 2018, Friedhats openedRead More →

MOK Specialty Coffee Jose Cordero package

Hits: 17Beans: Jose Cordero, yellow catuai, washed anaerobic, Tarrazu, Costa Rica.Shop: MOK Specialty Coffee Roastery and Bar, Bruxelles, Leuven, Belgium MOK Specialty Coffee Roastery and Bar: Background information. MOK Specialty Coffee Roastery and Bar is a well known Belgian roaster that houses in Bruxelles and Leuven. Although it considers itselfRead More →