De Koffiemolen Alkmaar

After blogs about Singapore, Hong Kong, Peru and so much more, it’s time to blog about The Netherlands. This time it’s about De Koffiemolen in Alkmaar. I have been writing about the biggest, prettiest and best coffee hotspots all over the world for a couple of months now. Recently aRead More →

Bicky and Brew Singapore

When I woke up today I wanted a bit of sunshine and a good cup of coffee. Too bad the weather was overcast and the threat of rain hung in the air. Just when I was about to order a coffee at the hotel bar, I remembered my colleague tellingRead More →

Rufous Espresso Blend 1

Beans: Rufous Espresso Blend Shop: Rufous Coffee Roasters, Taipei A while ago I wrote a blog about Taipei. I wrote about my efforts to meet up with the barista world champion Berg Wu. During that trip I also went to Rufous Coffee Roasters and I bought Xiao Yang’s acclaimed EspressoRead More →

Singapore Barista Trail 20-8-2017

Today I started down the path of the Singapore Barista Trail; a path where I take you to the first three great coffee shops. Singapore is a city with opportunities and wealth. Never in my life have I seen so many Ferrari’s, Bentley’s and Lamborghini’s in one spot (well, maybeRead More →

Berg Wu Chasing the champion

When I saw my schedule and it said that I was going to Taipei, I could only think of one thing: “That’s the city where the 2016 Barista champion Berg Wu lives. I have got to meet up with him!” When I arrived in Taipei I already knew that theRead More →

Bean: Jaen Cajamarca, single origin, Bourbon Shop: The Coffee Road Jaen Cajamarca: Background information Once again I have reviewed a bean from The Coffee Road: Jaen Cajamarca. This bean comes from the North-western part of Peru and is grown in the Cajamarca region. If we zoom in a bit closerRead More →

Washed processing

Welcome to the coffee processing page. The cherries on the coffee plants have ripened and are ready to be harvested. After harvesting the cherries, it is time to process the fruits for roasting. This processing is very important because it affects the flavours and tones of the beans after theRead More →

Coffee Attendant Ritual Villa Rica Oxapampa

Beans: Ritual, single origin, Tipica plant. Shop: Tazza Cafe, Lima Peru If you read my blog ‘Dont Look for Love, Look for Coffee‘, you already know about Tazza Cafe and what a great place it is. Now you can read about their Ritual coffee in this review. Ritual: Background informationRead More →

Coffee Attendant: Caturra Amarilla

Beans: Caturra Amarilla, single origin. Shop: The Coffee Road, Lima As you might have noticed I like my Peruvian coffee. The thing is that Peru has several climate zones that make for excellent coffee with a lot of different varieties. Today the coffee that I will review is Caturra Amarilla.Read More →

Tazza Caffe

Tazza Caffe: Don’t look for love, look for coffee. When I got Pietro Del Sante Blok’s first whatsapp in the middle of the night I was a bit confused. Here was a stranger who contacted me to ask me if I would be so kind as to visit his coffeeRead More →