El Triunfo wrapping

Bean: El Triunfo, Caturra-Colombia F6. Shop: ČRNO ZRNO, Ljubljana, Slovenia. El Triunfo: Background information In this review I will tell you about the El Triunfo coffee of ČRNO ZRNO. The El Triunfo is a blend of Caturra and Colombia F6 beans. El Triunfo is grown at an altitude of 1750Read More →

El Aguacate Crno Zrno logo

Bean: El Aguacate, Caturra, Colombia. Shop: ČRNO ZRNO, Ljubljana, Slovenia El Aguacate; a special story The review of the El Aguacate coffee has a special story to it that I would like to share. A couple of weeks ago, a colleague of mine was travelling through Ljubljana in search ofRead More →

Siphon Coffee brewer 1

I always get that same feeling when I order a Siphon brewed coffee in a coffee-shop. As if the Barista wants to say: “Welcome to Cirque du Siphon!” Next to the Hario V60 and the Chemex, Siphon brewed coffee is probably the most popular filter-coffee around. Not only does itRead More →

Cafecito Central Don Victor

Bean: Don Victor, Caturra 66%/Lempira 34%, Honduras. Shop: Cafecito Central, The Netherlands Don Victor: background information In this review I will tell you about the Don Victor coffee from Cafecito Central in The Netherlands. This is the first time I am reviewing a coffee from Honduras, so I am veryRead More →

Hario V60 container

In this article I will tell you all about the Hario V60. This is not some kind of missile or super sports-car, but a method to brew filter coffee. With the Hario V60, and the right roasting profile, you can extract lots of aroma’s and flavours you wouldn’t get with,Read More →

Filtro Front Den Haag

This blog can be considered as a follow-up to my previous Dutch-based blog about De Koffiemolen Alkmaar. In that blog I mentioned their Barista, Cilia, and she gave a tip for my next blog. She pointed out that, if I was ever to be in the city of The Hague,Read More →

The Blend Giraffe Coffee Roasters

Beans: The Blend, 75% Brazil yellow bourbon, 25% Ethiopian mixed Heirloom Shop: Giraffe Coffee webshop Today I am reviewing The Blend of Giraffe Coffee Roasters. The Blend consists out of two beans: a Brazilian Yellow Bourbon (75%) and Ethiopian Mixed Heirloom (25%) and is 100% Arabica. The nice thing aboutRead More →

Giraffe Coffee Roasters Reko

Beans: Reko, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia Shop: Giraffe Coffee Roasters, The Netherlands Reko: Background information This review is about the Reko coffee of Giraffe Coffee Roasters in The Netherlands. The Reko coffee is grown near Kochere, Yirgacheffe. Yirgacheffe is the area in Ethiopia which is famous for its coffee, and so IRead More →

Barista Jam Best coffee shops in Hong Kong

Barista Jam is one of the oldest coffee shops in Hong Kong, so I had to visit the place. When I bumped into the owner William So, we started talking. Before long we were in the middle of a full blown interview and I got to know William So asRead More →