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Welcome to the Out of the Grey section on this site; a section dedicated to this American roastery where I will place all of my ‘Out of the Grey’-reviews. The list of reviews will get longer as time passes by, so be sure to check up on this section regularly. Below you will find some information about this Roaster, and why this section is created in the first place.

Out of the Grey – Background information:

Out of the Grey is a family roaster in Eerie, Pennsylvania in the USA. Jack Barton and his family were planning on doing missionary work in the USA when an accident happened with a family member. This accident made them take a different course in life, a course that would lead them into the world of coffee. They settled in Eerie, Pennsylvania and founded this family business; a roaster that now holds over 50 single origin coffees and is able to create every flavoured coffee imaginable.

Out of the Grey – Section explanation:

Since this is a site with many reviews form many countries and roasteries, it might come across as a little strange that I am dedicating a whole section to Out of the Grey. My site is about transparency and honest reviews that will tell you which coffees are good. In principle I do not write ‘bad’ reviews; I’d rather not write about a coffee than to tell people how bad it is. Out of the Grey approached me to write reviews of all of their coffees. Since they have so many coffees, this would take up all of my front page and that is not what I, or you, would like to see. So we came to this solution; a dedicated section where it is easy to find all of the reviews that I have written so far. Enjoy!

Out of the Grey – Reviews:

Out of the Grey – Mexican Custepec SHG



Out of the Grey – Costa Rican Lomas Al Rio Honey SHB
Out of the Grey logo Costa Rican

Out of the Grey – Kenya AA


Out of the Grey – Tanzanian Kilimanjaro Peaberry


Out of the Grey – Mocha Java ‘Government’ Recipe

Out of the Grey – Panama Boquete

Out of the Grey panama boquete logo

Out of the Grey – Papua New Guinea Sigri AA

Papua New Guinea Sigri Out of the Grey Coffee

Out of the Grey – Jamaican Blue Mountain

Jamaican Blue Mountain

Out of the Grey – Brazilian Daterra Sweet Yellow

Out of the Grey - Daterra Sweet Yellow