Mabo coffee roasters El Paraiso package

Hits: 13Beans: El Paraiso, Castillo, hyper processed, Piendamo, Cauca, Colombia.Shop: MABO Coffee Roasters, webshop, Bucarest, Romania. MABO Coffee Roasters: Background information. This El Paraiso comes from Mabo Coffee Roasters, a roaster owned by World Coffee roasting vice-champion Bogdan Georgescu. Bogdan works in the IT business and only started doing SpecialtyRead More →

Coffee Tour Roasters

Hits: 52Beans: El Cardamomo, Parainema, washed, El Paraiso, Honduras.Shop: Coffee Tour Roasters, webshop, Seoul, South Korea. Coffee Tour Roasters – Background information. A few years back I was wandering the streets of Seoul, looking for a very hard to find coffee shop called Coffee Tour Roasters. After finding it IRead More →

Schot Koffie El Corozal Review

Hits: 25Beans: El Corozal, Colombia, Washed, Huila, Colombia.Shop: Schot Koffie, Webshop, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Schot Koffie: Background information. Schot Koffie (roaster of El Corozal) is one of the oldest coffee roasters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As you might expect from a roaster that has been around since 2011, they knowRead More →

Best Coffee Shops in: Edinburgh

Hits: 17In this article I will take you along some of the best coffee shops in Edinburgh (UK). Edinburgh is a city in Scotland and is well known for it’s beautiful historical sites, medieval architecture, Mary Kings Close and of course the lovely Scottish people who live there. Did youRead More →

quito ecuador Traviesa

Hits: 130Best coffee shops in Quito, Ecuador.Ecuador; the country that is famous for the Galapagos Islands and the primary rainforest that connects with the Amazon. The capitol of this beautiful country is Quito. Situated at an altitude of 2850 meters above sea level, the city is rich in historical buildingsRead More →

5 Brewing Ethiopia Chelba logo

Hits: 33Beans: 5 Brewing, Ethiopia Heirloom, Washed, Chelba, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.Shop: 5 Brewing, Seoul, South Korea. 5 Brewing – Ethiopia Chelba: Background information. Coffee from the Yirgacheffe region is well known for its superior quality when it comes to flavours and aromas. This particular coffee was roasted by Do Hyung SooRead More →

Out of the Grey Neg Mawon

Hits: 18Beans: Neg Mawon, Shade grown, Natural, HaitiShop: Out of the Grey, webshop, Pennsylvania, USA Out of the Grey – Haitian Neg Mawon: Background information. Haiti, which shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, is one of many countries in which coffee has been called upon to helpRead More →

Cafecito Central Familia Perez

Hits: 14Beans: Cafecito Central, Familia Perez, Catuai, Natural Process, La Paz, Honduras. Shop: Cafecito Central, webshop, Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Cafecito Central – Familia Perez: Background Information. In this review I will tell something about the Catuai Natural from Cafecito Central. This coffee comes from La Paz in Honduras andRead More →