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Balance Coffee Singapore: Amederaro ASD

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Beans: Amederaro, Heirloom, Natural-ASD, Konga, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.
Shop: Balance Coffee, Webshop, Singapore.

Balance Coffee: Background information.

Balance Coffee was formerly known as Geisha Specialty Coffee, a well known name in the Singapore coffee scene and in mainland China. Ever since COVID ran its course, and the university near the former shop in Ben Coolen st. got temporarily closed down, Geisha Specialty Coffee had to find a way out of the crisis. Fortunately there was a solution; a place to rent a little outside of the city centre. But hey, when the quality of the coffee is great, the customers will follow!
Balance Coffee is the new name under which Zack and Elsie operate, and their shop is located between Novena and Toa Payoh subways stations. On weekdays the shop is frequently visited by customers and in during the weekends its crowded and cozy. The reason might be that Balance Coffee is one of, if not the only shop, that sells high end coffees like Geisha Nuguo, Geisha Jurutungo and of course this Amederaro ASD coffee.

This Amederaro was grown by Ato Beyene Eshete near Konga, Yirgacheffe. The farm is situated at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea-level and named after the famous Amederaro washing station. The coffee underwent an Anaerobic Slow Drying process to get the flavour profile it has today.

Amederaro ASD: Opening the package.

Balance Coffee has a simple beige package with a ziplock and degassing valve on which they put their label. In this case the label shows handwritten information about the coffee, such as the name, process, region, two flavour notes and the roasting date.
When opening the package you will find evenly roasted coffee beans that have been hand sorted by Balance Coffee to ensure there are no defects in the bag. When biting down on a bean, you will notice that it’s crispy and has a very nice jasmin and blueberry flavour to it. After chewing for a couple of seconds, you will notice a earl grey tea flavour as well. When you smell inside the package it has floral notes, chocolate, honey and fruitiness. If the tasting is half as good as opening this package, we are in for a ride! It is time to brew.

Balance coffee – Amederaro ASD: The Tasting.

Balance Coffee Amederero brew

We have brewed this coffee on the Aeropress, V60, Clever Dripper and Siphon. All results were good butI recommend brewing this coffee on either the V60 or Siphon. This is a personal choice and not a fixed advice of course.

When brewing this coffee the dried flowers, roses and lavender is intense. It makes you wonder if there is room for any other notes when you pour it in the cup. And there is! When you pour this coffee in a cup (or perhaps a wineglass would be more suitable) you will find a super sweet honey aroma. Blackberry, Mango, Peach and Jasmin are also to be found on the nose.
Taking a sip will take you in a different direction totally as now its time for the fruity notes to fully take over. The blackberry fights its way to the front, followed closely by the honey and Mango. But what strikes most is the subtleness of this coffee. It feels like drinking a cloud; all flavours and aromas are in harmony and there is no bitterness, astringency or sourness that pops out. As the coffee cools down, the floral notes pop up again; roses, lavender and jasmin. The fruity notes are accompanied by a chocolate and caramel hint. The mouthfeel is super juicy and, when the coffee cools down, there is a hint of tea leaf in the aftertaste. There is another very nice surprise in the aftertaste…a candied apricot flavour that pops up and lingers together with the honey flavour together with a lilly/tulip note. After a while the citric acidity reminds me most of watery tangerine and very mild. I love it!

The Verdict.

Balance Coffee might have changed heir name, but they havent changed their quality. The Amederaro ASD is a gem, a gem that you will want to savour and share and drink all at once. The coffee has all the right notes in all the right proportions. Blackberry, Mango, Roses, Lavender, dried flowers, chocolate…and the list go’s on and on. The juicyness is great, the balance superb and the acidity fantastic.
It has been a while since I last was so excited about a coffee…so if you can get your hands on a cup, or even a bag of beans you should! Hands down one of the better filters out there at the moment.

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