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PPP Coffee – Don Afonso

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Beans: Don Afonso, Esperanza, Natural, Turrialba, Costa Rica.
Shop: PPP Coffee, webshop, several locations, Singapore.

PPP Coffee – Don Afonso: Background information.

PPP Coffee, or formerly known as Papa Palheta Coffee, is a old acquaintance to me. I first encountered Papa Palheta in around 2017/18 when I had my first experience with them. I still remember the Indonesian coffee that blew my mind since it was full on fruity and floral. How little did I know since I was under the impression that Indonesian coffee was mostly known for earthy notes.
Nowadays Papa Palheta has undergone a transformation into PPP Coffee and luckily the quality has not changed a bit. This review is about the Don Afonso.

This coffee is a ‘Don Alfonso’ lot, which means it has been specially selected by the owner of the Finca: Diego, to represent the best the farm has to offer – named after his father, Don Alfonso Robelo. This coffee consists out of the F1 Esperanza varietal – a hybrid of Sarchimor T-5296 and Ethiopia ET-25. This unique varietal was developed by various Central American coffee research institutes, picked for its best traits such as high cup quality and disease resistance. Being well-suited for honey and natural processing, the Robelos decided to process this microlot using the natural method.

All coffees from Aquiares Estate are picked by hand, to ensure high quality. Microlots, in particular, are picked by a special team of skilled pickers, who are paid well above the daily rate, for their skill in selecting the optimal cherries at each pass. Each tree is visited up to seven times throughout the harvest, to pick only the ideal ripeness.

Opening the package.

ppp coffee don afonso comandante grinder

PPP Coffee has a wel distinct package that has a deep red color. The brand name is up front, as well as all the information one needs: coutnry, region, varietal, processing, altitude and roasting date. On the back is some information on the packaging itself. The package has a ziplock and a degassing valve, something I highly appreciate. There are also three tasting notes to be found on the package, something I also like. These notes aren’t the generic notes that you will sometime find on packages, but it will become clear as to what I mean by that when you read on.
When opening this natural processed coffee, you will instantly smell the dark chocolate, alcoholic cherry and a sweetness that reminds me of strawberry. The beans a crispy and give off a dark chocolate, dark cherry flavour as you chew on it. The ground coffee releases even more of these aroma’s, be it more pungent.

The tasting:

ppp coffee don afonso comandante clever dripper

I have reviewed this coffee on the Aeropress, V60 and Clever dripper. All of them gave awesome results but my favourite way of brewing would still be the V60. I brewed this coffee at 96, 94 and 92 degrees celsius with SPA water.

While brewing this coffee, the pungent aroma of dark chocolate cherry comes up plentiful. It is only after pouring the coffee into a glass, that the sweet strawberry aroma pops up as well. When the coffee cools down, the aroma of vanilla will mingle, giving the coffee a jammy aspect to it on the nose.

When you take a sip, swirl the coffee round in your mouth and slurp oxygen inside. Sweet cherry, vanilla, strawberry jam…it will all be there for you to discover. After swallowing you will notice a cocoa nibs roughness in the back and on the sides of your tongue. When the coffee cools down, notice how the dark cherry and chocolate note mingle and perfectly mimic’s the flavour of the Mon Cherry bonbon. This is due to the alcoholic aspect that is also to be found in this coffee. This also makes for the medium juiciness of this coffee, there is an increase of saliva but it is not overly much. It is nice though!
The strawberry jam is found in the mid level temperatures, this means the moment when you can take a sip of coffee without having to be afraid that you will burn your mouth.
The medium citric acidity reminds me of cherry and the aftertaste is fairly long with notes of dark chocolate, cocoa nibs, strawberry and cherry.

PPP Coffee – Don Afonso: the verdict.

ppp coffee don afonso natural

PPP Coffee has roasted a very very nice coffee with the Don Afonso. This natural Esperanza varietal is an ideal coffee to go into the fall with. More rainy days, lower temperatures and then the flavours of dark chocolate, cherry, strawberry and vanilla. If only I had more of this coffee!
The Don Afonso is great to drink all day long since the acidity is not that high. The flavours are balanced and there is enough to discover for you to keep this coffee interesting till the end.

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