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Screaming Beans Coffe Roasters: Guji.

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Beans: Kurume, Welicho, Natural, Guji, Ethiopia.
Shop: Screaming Beans Coffee Roasters, webshop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Screaming Beans Coffee roasters: Background information.

Screaming Beans Coffee Roasters Guji espresso

Screaming Beans is a company that was founded in 2013 by people coming from the media and creative industry in The Netherlands. All these people have one thing in common and that is their passion for coffee. Instead of doing a private label, Screaming Beans roast their own coffee and offer a wide range of coffees on their website. Located in the famous ‘9 streets’ neighbourhood in Amsterdam, Screaming Beans have been selling their coffee to consumers and businesses alike. Recently they started shipping world wide, thus making a name for themselves one step at a time.

This Guji coffee comes from the Suke Quto farm in Guji, Ethiopia. The farm is owned by Tesfaye Bekele, somewhat of a poineer of coffee in the Guji region. Tesfaye comes from a coffee producing family but didn’t like coffee at first. After several years of different work he returned to the coffee industry and he started to fall in love with it. After the bushfires in 1999, which burned down 5000 acres of forest, Tesfaye tried to convince the locals of Guji to grow coffee but a lot of them refused after hearing about the time it cost until the first harvest. Tesfaye started growing coffee and after a few years, the locals came back and asked for his help. Nowadays Guji is famous for its coffee and Tesfaye’s farm, the Suke Quto farm, covers 221 hectares. It also has it’s own washing station and drying mill that is used by hundreds of outgrowers as well. This coffee is produced at an altitude between 1800 and 2200 meters above sea level and has undergone a natural process. Let’s open the package.

Guji: Opening the package.

Screaming Beans Coffee Roasters Guji package

The Screaming Beans package comes in white with a reddish coloured label up front. The package has a ziplock and degassing valve to keep the coffee fresh. On the front you will see the logo of Screaming Beans Coffee Roasters. The label contains information on the country of origin, the name of the coffee, the farm, varietals, process and altitude. The tasting notes on this package are very generic, which is a shame because this coffee has some easy notes to display there. On other packages of their coffee, there are specific notes to be found so perhaps this is a one-time thing.
When opening the package you will see equally roasted beans without any defects. The aroma coming out of the package is fruity with a hint of tangerine, a chocolate note and a wholegrain note as well. The crispy bean immediately gives off a black tea note and a grapefruit bitter aspect.
When the coffee is ground, there is a hint of fruitiness that reminds me of berries and white peach. There is a white peppery sensation in my nostrils and I also get chocolate, fudge and brown sugar notes. Let’s brew!

The tasting: Espresso and Filter.

Screaming Beans Coffee Roasters Guji Clever Dripper

Since this coffee is roasted as an omni-roast (meaning it is suitable for both espresso and filter) this review will be written in two parts. I’ll start with the espresso review and then the filter. I brewed the filter coffee at a lower temperature because I noticed some bitterness when brewing above 93 degrees celsius.
I brewed the espresso on a Rocket Giotto Evoluzione R and used the Eureka Atom Specialty 75mm grinder. The filter review was done on the V60, clever dripper and the aeropress.

When the espresso is still hot, you will get a faint thyme aroma on the brew. This aroma is there when the brew is still hot but it will dissipate fairly quickly. After the initial heat is gone, you will get a chocolate and farmers jasmin aroma that is mingled with a faint white peach aroma. There is also a hint of fudge in the cup but it is very faint.
When taking a sip, slurp some oxygen in your mouth and swirl the espresso round. Notice how this coffee has notes of chocolate, fudge and salmiak right from the start. There is also a white peppery sensation in the upper part of your mouth; a tingly sensation. When the espresso cools down, there is also some black tea, a hint of tangerine peel and a floral hint that reminds me of farmers jasmin. The farmers jasmin is not like the normal jasmin that you will find in your tea for example. The mouthfeel is thick and satin-like, while the acidity is orange citric. The aftertaste is medium long.

Filter brew.

Screaming Beans Coffee Roasters Guji Aeropress

After brewing this coffee as a filter coffee, pour the brew in a cup and take in the aroma’s. Vanilla, farmers jasmin, sugared black tea, white peach, milky and buttery. Those are the notes that pop up in my mind at first. There is a white peach note popping up after a while as well, making it a pleasant coffee on the nose.
As you take a sip and slurp some oxygen inside, the first thing you will notice are the notes of farmers jasmin and white peach. When the coffee is hot, there are the notes of chocolate and sugared black tea as well, but they are pushed into the background as the coffee cools down. Let the coffee rest for a moment and take another sip to find a watery tangerine note as well as vanilla. The body of the coffee is medium and the acidity is medium as well. The acidity is citric and reminds me of eating a watery tangerine. When you swallow the coffee, breathe back through your nose via your closed mouth to discover a minty aspect to the coffee. It is faint, short but definitely there. Also take note of the slow juiciness of the coffee, this means that the coffee pulls saliva from your glands in your mouth.

The verdict.

Screaming Beans Coffee Roasters did a good omni-roast on the Guji and, although I like it, I would have loved to try this coffee as a designated espresso or filter roast. That being said; this coffee does great on both espresso and filter so the above comment could be set aside as being picky. But hey, don’t we all love to be picky sometimes? I like the tasting notes of vanilla, farmers jasmin and white peach on the filter coffee. The sugared black tea blends in nicely and isn’t dominant at all. The espresso delivers nice tasting notes as well! I like the chocolate/fudge/salmiak notes together with the tangerine peel and orange juice acidity. The white peppery sensation is also something that I can really appreciate in a coffee. I also want to say that this is a good coffee when it comes to price/quality as well! Thank you for sending me this coffee Screaming Beans Coffee Roasters! Below I’ve added the link to the website of the coffee roaster so that, if you want to try this coffee out, it’s easier for you to find the page. I do not get paid for this link, it is a courtesy to the roaster and the reader.

Here is the link!

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