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Hits: 30Beans: Fazenda Specialty Coffee, Oldonyo Sapuk, SL28/Ruiru11, Natural, Ruiru, Kenya.Shop: Fazenda, Mocca D’or, webshop, The Netherlands. Fazenda – Kenya (Oldonyo Sapuk): Background information. Fazenda Specialty Coffee is the specialty coffee branch that sprouted from the famous Mocca D’or coffee brand in The Netherlands. Fazenda is a fairly new specialtyRead More →

Hits: 30Beans: Abu Coffee, Geisha Green Tip, Natural, Boquete, Panama.Shop: By search, worldwide, Panama City, Panama. Abu Coffee – Background information. Abu Coffee is a rising star in the celestial skies of Geisha farms from Panama. Amidst geisha gianst such as Finca Deborah, La Esmeralda and many more, Abu CoffeeRead More →

Cabrera Coffee Roasters Pacamara (5)

Hits: 23Beans: Cabrera Coffee Roasters, Pacamara, Chilled Cherry, Boquete, Panama.Shop: Cabrera Coffee Roasters, Panama City, Panama. Cabrera Coffee Roasters – Background information. Cabrera Coffee Roasters has opened it’s doors during the covid19 pandemic and, although the clientele was at an all time low, still managed to live through the situation.Read More →

Sumo Coffee Roasters El Obraje

Hits: 38Bean: El Obraje, Gesha, washed, Narino, Colombia.Shop: Sumo Coffee Roasters, webshop, Dublin, Ireland. Sumo Coffee Roasters: Background information. Talking about a new player in the Irish coffee scene: Sumo Coffee Roasters was founded in the summer of 2020 by Daniel Horbat. To people in the Irish coffee scene, andRead More →