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Beans: Finca Lerida, Catuai, Anaerobic Slow Dried, Boquete, Panama.
Shop: MABO, webshop, Bucharest, Romania.

MABO – Background information.

MABO Coffee Roasters

This Anaerobic Slow Dried Catuai from Finca Lerida is roasted by Mabo Coffee Roasters. MABO is a roastery owned by 2019 World Coffee Roasting vice-champion Bogdan Georgescu. Bogdan worked in the IT business and only started doing Specialty Coffee around 5 years ago. In these past five years, Bogdan managed to become the Romanian roasting champion of 2019 and get silver on the world roasting championships. His shop is located in Bucharest, Romania and my good buddy Steve-O (insta name) has written a review of his shop in ‘this article’.

Finca Lerida has been among the top roasters for quite a while now. The Finca is loacated in Boquete, Panama and grows their Catuai at an altitude between 1850 – 1900 meters. For this microlot they decided on a Anaerobic Slow Dried process.
The reputation of this Finca is as old as the first shipment of Panamanian coffee exported to Germany in it’s history, in 1929. From its spectacular landscape sprang a coffee of such high quality, that soon the consumer countries of the aromatic coffee realized that Panama had other unique attractions, beyond the Canal. One of these was, and remains, this farm. In 1924, engineer Toleff Bache Mönniche, along with his wife, moved to the farm. Here he built his house completely by hand in a Norwegian countryside style, and built the first Coffee Plantation by gravity in Panama. In 1929 they exported to Germany its first shipment of Panamanian coffee, and this began Panama ́s high reputation as one of the exotic coffees of greater quality in Europe. Finca Lerida is currently managed by the Amoruso Family

MABO – Finca Lerida: Opening the package.

Finca Lerida MABO label

MABO has changed it’s package since the last time I wrote a review about their coffee. Instead of a package with art printed on it, they now choose to have a paper label around the package. On the label you will find the old style 30’s art with all the vibrant colors still there. Also, MABO has made sure that all of the information is still on the label: the region, farm, variety, process, altitude, cupping notes and score.
The package still has the ziplock and degassing valve which is always a nice thing to see on packages.
When opening the package you will a wonderfull fruity and sweet aroma from the beans. There is also a hint of a fermented aroma on the beans which is nice. Eating a bean reveals that the beans are crispy and give off a winey and grape like flavour. Grinding the beans reveals a cherry and grape like aroma. The beans are all roasted equally in color and I couldn’t detect any defects in the package either. This shows that a lot of care was put into the coffee and the quality that MABO Coffee Roasters want’s to sell to their customers.

The Tasting.

I have reviewed this coffee on the Aeropress, Hario V60 and Clever Dripper. The results were all pretty equal and all were equally nice. I mostly used a recipe where I would use a 93 degree water temperature and 26 clicks on the Commandante C40 grinder (Clever Dripper, Aeropress). On the Eureka Brew Pro I use the 3.5 setting (Hario V60).

When brewing the Finca Lerida coffee you will find that, while hot, the coffee gives off a more winey and pungent aroma. After brewing this coffee will open up way more, revealing more subtle hints. After pouring the coffee in the glass, take a good smell and you will notice how this coffee gives off sweet aroma’s of sugared vanilla, grape and a hint of pineapple. If you let the coffee cool down, there is a yoghurt grape and cherry gum aroma that it very nice.
Take a sip and slurp some oxygen inside your mouth. Let it swirl round a little and focus on the mouthfeel and acidity first. The mouthfeel is velvety and (as the coffee cools down) juicy while the acidity is winey and pineapple like. This will change when the coffee cools down into a citric acidity.

When the coffee is hot you will get a sweet wine grape flavour with a hint of cocoa nibs and roses. This is only when the coffee is hot. In the background you discover a hint of pineapple which can also be found in the mouthfeel. Let the coffee cool down a little so that the aroma’s are getting sweeter. Dark watery cherry and grape go hand in hand as well as tropical fruits, such as starfruit, and soft white currant. Eventually the grape yoghurt gum flavour will pop up more. This last note will remain in the aftertaste as well, together with the hint of fry cocoa, cocoa nibs and the fruity sweet nature of this coffee.

Finca Lerida ASD: The verdict.

Bogdan Georgescu isn’t the world vice-champion roaster for nothing, he knows what the potential of a bean is and will get that potential out for you. The Finca Lerida ASD catuai is such a bean. Notes of watery cherry, cocoa nibs on one side, and tropical fruits together with grape, white currant and starfruit on the other side, this coffee is just great. I loved how the darker notes were there when the coffee is hot, yet turned sweet and fruity when cooling down. There is lot happenig in your mouth, so take time to appreciate this coffee for what it is: yet another piece of art by Bogdan.

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