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Blommers: Villa Clabelina

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Beans: Caturra, Anaerobic Natural, Antioquia, Colombia.
Shop: Blommers, webshop, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Blommers: Villa Clabelina – Background information.


Blommers is a Micro Roastery in the city of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. This roaster devotes itself to transparency, traceability and paying a premium to the farmers they buy their coffee from. This way they ensure that the farmers get paid well and that the overall quality of the coffee get higher with each harvest. In this case we are talking about the Villa Clabelina from Colombia. Brothers Henan and Eugenio Prieto run the Villa Clabelina farm. A finca that has been around for over 50 years and which covers 22 acres of Caturra and Colombia varietals. The finca is surrounded by high mountains and lush forests which create the ideal climate to grow their coffee.
This Caturra underwent a Anaerobic fermentation which lasted for 48 hours in total. All cherries were handpicked and sorted before they got processed. Blommers, in turn, roasted this coffee so that all the natural flavours come out perfectly, at least that’s what their mission is.

Blommers: Opening the package.

Blommers use a very elegant black package with a beautiful design. The logo is a minimalistic and modern logo of a bird and the package has a shiny lining. Obviously the package comes with a ziplock and degassing valve. On the front of the package you will find the info about the origin, farm, variety, tasting notes, roasting date, process and farmer. On the back is little bit of information on the roaster and their mission.
Opening the package of the Villa Clabelina reveals a fruity, caramel aroma. The fruityness reminds me of raisins and a hint of plum. The caramel is accompanied by an aroma of cookies. When eating a bean you will find the bean chewy with a bitterness at the start. After chewing there will be a black tea flavour that gets salty ans sour at the same time.

The Tasting of the Villa Clabina.

Blommers and Comandante C40

I have reviewed this coffee on the Clever Dripper, V60 and the Aeropress. Both the Clever Dripper and the V60 came out best with this coffee in terms of fruityness.

When brewing this coffee gives off an aroma of sugared tea with a hint of vanilla. When the coffee is hot, subtle aroma’s usually do not come forth. When you pour the coffee into a glass, the coffee opens up and aromas of black tea, lychee and ripe papaya fill your nostrils. When the coffee cools down, you will also get a hint of sugar cane and a sift aroma of berries like blackcurrant. This is, however, for a very short while.

If you take a sip of the coffee while it’s still hot, you will get a lemongraas flavour and lemonpeel mouthfeel. The acidity is full on citric but that will change over time. Already you will notice how sweet this coffee is and a minimal juicyness appears under your tongue.
If you let the coffee cool down a little, more flavours will appear in your mouth. Next to the lemongrass you will find lychee and overripe papaya. The lychee leaves a roughness in the back of your mouth while a overripe papaya adds to the creamy/syrup mouthfeel that is just amazing. The coffee gets thicker when you swirl the coffee round in your mouth. The coffee is cooled down even more and now there is a totrally new flavour popping up: red apple. This pulls the acidity towards malic and slightly alkaline in the process. When the coffee turns cold, a clear black tea leaf flavour comes forth as well, but I suggest that you drink the coffee before then haha.
The aftertaste of this coffee lingers a little and brings notes of Lemongrass, lychee and raisins but what stands out most is the sensation of watery tangerine that lingers right after swallowing. This gives the coffee a freshness that I love so much.

The Verdict.

Blommers Villa Clabelina Aeropress

Blommers has been a solid name in the Dutch coffee industry. Their level of roasting is high and that’s also what they’re known for. With the Villa Clabelina they prove once again to among the top of the Dutch Coffee scene. Their mission, to bring out the natural flavours of the coffee, was accomplished with the Villa Clabelina. The fruity notes of Lemongrass, Papaya, Lychee, raisins and red apple. The aftertaste gives off a freshness in the form of watery tangerine and I really love that.
This coffee is a very well balanced coffee and if you are looking for a coffee where the flavours all stand out seperately, this is not your cup of tea…euh, coffee! But if you are looking for an elegant, balanced and fruity coffee, this is your pick for sure. At a price of 14 euro’s, I think this is money well spent. Thank you for roasting this coffee Blommers!

This is a link to the webshop of BLommers. I do not get paid for this link, it’s just to make things easier if you are interested in buying the coffee.


  1. Very interesting to hear about the Dutch specialty coffee (and be able to access it in English!). I love a natural process coffee and really enjoyed reading your in depth description of the flavour notes, which is not always possible on the likes of Instagram.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, its great to read that people enjoy reading the reviews! This is the best motivation for me as a reviewer.

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