Best coffeeshops in Lisbon

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In this article I will tell you about three coffeeshops in Lisbon which are amazing and worth visiting. Lisbon is a city located at the coast of Portugal and offers a relaxing vibe with great architecture, lots of pitoresque restaurants, cozy squares and of course piri piri chicken. Coffee, however, also plays a huge role in everyday life and it shows when looking at the specialty coffee scene. In this list I will tell you about the three coffee shops that I have visted when I was in Lisbon. This list is far from complete, so if your favourite spot is not on the list, please add it in the comments.

Lisbon: Simpli Coffee Roasters and Bakery.

Simpli coffee and bakery

Simpli Coffee Roasters and Bakery is a small chain throughout Lisbon where people can get quality coffee and quality bakeries. The shops are spacious and have a semi-industrial look for their interior. The staff in the location I visited was super friendly and well informed about the beans they have on the mill.

Simpli coffee and bakery interior

Simpli offers a lot of choices on the menu when it comes to coffee. They offer several filter coffee methods and all the espresso based drinks for you to choose from. Musa, the head-barista, is a joy to talk with and is super passionate about coffee. The pastries and bakeries are also spot on which is to be expected from a Portugese shop to be honest. If anything, the Portugese know how to keep the sweettooths happy!

Simpli coffee and bakery cup

Simpli Coffee Roasters have their own brand of beans and they are of good quality. You will not be disappointed when getting your coffee here.
Below you will find three seperate adresses for Simpli. I visited just one location and the shops review is based on that location only. I plan to visit the other two locations as well but I will need time to do that.

Location 1:
Av. Fontes Pereirae Melo nr 41 Loja C, 1050-119, Lisboa.
Location 2:
R. Braacamp 64, 1250-096, Lisboa.
Location 3:
Largo de Anunciada 18, 1150-048, Lisboa.

Lisbon: Milkees Specialty Coffee and Cookies.

Milkees Specialty Coffee and cookies

Located in a small pitoresque street/alley a little north of the city centre, Milkees stands out like a beacon in the specialty coffee scene of Lisbon. Milkees is a genuine coffee hotspot who offers great coffee and, perhaps even greater, cookies! I know that this is a coffee website but I want to go out on a limb here and say that Milkees also have the best cookies in Lisbon. The owners gave two cookies; a ‘normal’ chocolate cookies and a vegan option. I cannot describe how good these cookies were…choclate, creamy, sweet, crispy, fresh…it had it all!

Milkees Specialty Coffee and Cookies interior

Back to the coffee. Milkees Specialty Coffee and Cookies have the ‘Guest-roaster’ concept. This means that they offer specialty coffee roasted by other companies. Although they do not serve their own beans, this does mean that you will get to taste the best coffee roasted by others. How convenient is that, right?
The staff of Milkees is just great. They are welcoming and take the time to interact with their customers. They will also tell you all they know about the coffee they serve and even give you advice on which beans to buy.
This is most surely a hotspot for coffee and cookies in Lisbon!

Adres: R. Sao Sebastiao da Pedreira 51c, 1050-206, Lisbon.

Lisbon: Malabarista Cafe.

Malabarista Cafe

Late 2020 Malabarista opened it’s doors if only for a shirt while. Corona raged through Europe and Portugal alike and Malabarista was forced to close their doors again. Now they are open again and soaring to the top of the Lisbon Specialty Coffee scene.
Malabarista is a small cafe a little out of the way from the city center. This, however, is no reason for not visiting this hotspot. They were recommended to me by the staff of Milkees and they did not lie: Malabarista is a future coffee hotspot in Lisbon.

Malabarista Cafe interior

The Polish and Portugese owners of Malabarista eat, sleep, breathe coffee and are passionate fans of the Aeropress. Aside from the great pour overs, they also know how to brew a mean espresso and espresso based drinks. If you want to have a fun conversation, ask one of the owners if they like ‘tomato’ in their Kenia coffee (haha).

Malabarista also works with the ‘guest-roaster’ concept and serves Olisipo Coffee Roasters as their coffee. This not just any coffee, it’s one of the best roasters in Lisbon and perhaps even Portugal. The staff is super welcoming and open, they take their time to chat with the customers and even pet their dogs. How nice is that!

Adres: R. Maria 66B, 1170-202, Lisbon.

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