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Review: Coffee Annan – Limu.

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Beans: Limu, Mixed Heirloom, washed, Kata Muduga Farmers Union, Ethiopia.
Shop: Coffee Annan, Webshop, Zurich, Zwitserland.

Coffee Annan – Background information.

Coffee Annan Limu opened

The roaster of this Limu, Coffee Annan, has one goal: To combine exclusive quality coffee belonging to the top 1% of coffees world wide, while at the same time producing these coffees entirely in their countries of origin.
Coffee Annan looks at the coffee chain and aims to reduce the negative side effects of the business such as shipping green coffee. Did you know that 20% of all shipped green coffee evaporates during roasting? Coffee Annan is also a strong believer of roasting the coffee in the coutry of origin, making sure that even more money flows back into said country.

On the website of Coffee Annan, you will be able to get heaps of information on their goals en how they manage it. For example, they have an infographic on the value chain of coffee and where all the money is going to. They also show how much of the money you spend on their coffee, actually remains in Ethiopia. This is usefull information for sure!

This Limu comes from Ethiopia and comes from the Kata Muduga Farmers Union. The coffee is mixed heirloom and has undergone a washed process. The cherries were grown on an altitude between 1500 and 2000 meters above sea level. The coffee is all handpicked and roasted in Addis Abeba before it is shipped to Austria.

Opening the package.

Coffee Annan Limu siphon

Coffee Annan ships their coffee in two packages; it is a beige paper bag with a degassing valve that comes in a modern and chique looking box.
On the paper bag you will find the logo of the company, the other information is all printed on the box. You will find the logo on the box as well and it looks like a traditional african patern.
The box comes in blue and white and shows information on the name of the coffee, a little background story, tasting notes, altitude, process, farm, tasting notes and on the other side a little tasting information. What an extensive amount of information, I like it!

The tasting:

Coffee Annan Limu comandante

When you start brewing this coffee there will be a nice bergamot aroma that is mixed with a a note of earl grey tea. After a few seconds, soft peach pops up and a hint of leather. When you pour the coffee into a glass, the bergamot will be pushed back to make room for soft sweet peach, vanilla, sugared earl grey. The Bergamot will still be there, but faint.

When you take the first sip, slurp some oxygen inside. Swirl the coffee round and let it rest for a moment. Notice how delicate and soft this coffee is? There will be a floral note of jasmine and bergamot right off the bat.
The mouthfeel is silky like on the tongue and it also reminds me a little of watery tangerine. The acidity is medium ctiric and leans towards that watery tangerine. As the coffee cools down, the floral notes of jasmine and bergamot will fade away, but on the nose they just keep coming back. The peach, however, get a little sweeter and more prominent now.

Swallowing the coffee brings the aftertaste. A delicate mix of cinnamon, sugared tea, dark chocolate and a touch of a floral note. I have to say that the cinnamon note is surpriseing but very welcome. It’s a nice ‘opposite’ to the delicate notes that you get when the coffee is in your mouth.

Coffee Annan – Limu: The Verdict.

Coffee Annan Limu Eureka Brew Pro

Coffee Annan is the kind of company that we should see more off. Clear goals, helping farmers and in turn helping the coffee industry. When the result is a coffee like the Limu, we can all agree upon the fact that it is actually working.
The Limu is a delicate and subtle coffee with beautiful notes of Jasmin, Bergamot and peach. The watery tangerine mouthfeel and acidity is really an added plus to the coffee. That is not all, however, there is more to be found in this coffee such as notes of chocolate and cinnamon in the aftertaste.
Are you looking for a coffee that tastes good AND actually helps farmers and local economies? Try the Limu for sure.

Here is a link to the website of Coffee Annan. This is a non-paid link so I dont make any money out of it.

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