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Muni Coffee – Papua-New Guinea.

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Beans: Muni Coffee, Arusha, Blue Mountain Typica, washed, Wahgi Valley, Papua-New Guinea.
Shop: Muni Coffee, webshop, Lindau,Germany.

Muni Coffee: Background information.

muni coffee eureka atom specialty 75

Here is a little background information on the roaster of the Papua-New Guinea. After their successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 they launched their first coffee shop in London’s famous Borough in Chelsea. Very quickly locals and even Hollywood celebrities in the area made Muni their favourite community cafe. From the beginning on Muni pioneered Philippine coffee origins and supported the coffee farmers through the sale of their products. After a few years when their daughter was born they decided to move their business to Lindau – Julian’s old stomping ground. Hence their saying ‘born in London, home in Lindau.

Muni means to ‘dream’ in Tagalog Jena’s native language. Jena and Julian, a married couple with a social business background, realised their dream to establish a coffee company that would stand for what they believed to be most important: Fairness, quality and social responsibility.

There is some cool information about this coffee listed on the website of the roaster. It was entrepreneurs from Germany who brought coffee to Papua New Guinea in the 19th century – originally to sell it to the neighboring Australians! To this day, coffee from Papua New Guinea has not received much attention and that should change. How the coffee from this country has developed itself during the last years is nothing short of amazing. It is not easy to get coffee from Papua New Guinea, and Muni is grateful to their Cafe Imports partners for all the excellent development work they are doing there. Muni’s coffee comes from the western heights and from a plantation called Kindeng and has an almost unbelievable full-bodiedness for Arabica, with a dark aroma and a light fruit taste. In any case, their roasting team liked the coffee so much that they bought almost the entire harvest.

Muni Coffee – Opening the package.

muni coffee papua-new guinea package

Muni Coffee Company chose an artful white package with paterns and a beautiful abstract label on the front. The package comes with a degassing valve and a ziplock.
On the front of the package you will find a label that, in this case, depicts a abstract picture of a landscape that takes you to a coffee growing region for sure. On the label you will find info on the country, region, varietal and process. Below the picture you will find the tasting notes of the coffee. Unfortunately there is no roasting date on the package.
I do miss a little info on the company itself; it would be nice to find a few words on Muni Coffee Company since their background story is quite interesting!

When opening the package there is a sweet aroma coming forth. You will also find hints of almond, vanilla and dark chocolate on the nose.
The beans taste crispy with flavours of raw cocoa bitterness and a salty aspect. It is as if you have a little kernel of salt in the bean. This is interesting since you will not get that often.
When you grind the coffee you will notice a unique aroma; nori leaf. This is the seaweed leaf that comes with sushi. Aside from that you will also get a nutty sweetness on the nose. Let’s brew.

Papua-NewGuinea: The tasting.

muni coffee papua-new guinea cappuccino

I reviewed this coffee on the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione R and ground the beans with my Eureka Atom Specialty 75 grinder. To get the most out of the brew I came to the conclusion that this coffee is great when brewing with 16 grams and end around 28 seconds. I also brewed several cappuccino’s with this coffee.

When the brewing stops and you smell the coffee you will get a sweet almond aroma coming off of the coffee. There is also a hint of cookie spices that gives it that sweet extra. It smells mellow and soft, making it pleasant to the nose. Take a sip and slurp some oxygen inside at the same time. Swirl the coffee round and let it rest for a second.
This coffee has a salty apect to it right from the start. This saltyness works great with the smooth and balanced mouthfeel that becomes apparent instantly. Focus on the acidity and notice how it feels bright on your tongue. When you swallow the coffee, you will get a hot sensation that reminds me of white pepper. Not the flavour mind you, just the effect on the inside of your mouth.

The espresso is lovely with beautifull creamy notes of almond that are there from the start. Swallowing the coffee brings out the chocolate flavour as well as the cocoa tannins afterwards. You will feel the tannins below your tongue mostly. The cookie spices also pop up again when the coffee cools down a little. All of this comes together in a beautifull lasting aftertaste.

As a Cappuccino this coffee is nice as well. The darker character (raw cocoa, chocolate, almonds) of this coffee has a nice contrast with the frothed milk. The cocoa and dark chocolate notes give off a nice aftertaste in the cappuccino and also create a nice crema to make latte art with.

Papua-New Guinea: The verdict.

If you are looking for a wake-up espresso roast coffee, the Papua-New Guinea by Muni Coffee is an excellent choice. The flavour notes of cocoa, dark chocolate, almond and cookie spices fo very well together and create a creamy and balanced coffee. The cocoa tannins are a nice extra that add to the mouthfeel.
If you love latte based drinks you are all set with this coffee as well. The flavours complement the frothed milk, and the crema gives a great canvas for latte art. Thank you Muni!

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