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Muni Coffee Company – Guatemala Waykan.

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Beans: Waykan, Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catuai, washed, Waykan, Guatemala.
Shop: Muni Coffee Company, Lindau, Germany.

Muni Coffee Company – Guatemala Waykan: Background information.

Guatemala Waykan Muni Coffee Rocket Giotto

Here is a little background information on the roaster of the Guatemala Waykan. Muni means to ‘dream’ in Tagalog Jena’s native language. Jena and Julian are a married couple with a social business background, and they made it their dream to establish a coffee company that would stand for what they believed to be most important: Fairness, quality and social responsibility.

After their successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 they launched their first coffee shop in London’s famous Borough in Chelsea. Very quickly locals and even Hollywood celebrities in the area made Muni their favourite community cafe. From the beginning on Muni pioneered Philippine coffee origins and supported the coffee farmers through the sale of their products. After a few years when their daughter was born they decided to move their business to Lindau – Julian’s old stomping ground. Hence their saying ‘born in London, home in Lindau.

In the Mayan language “Waykan” means something like “star” – from Muni Coffee’s point of view a fitting name, because they consider this coffee a real “star” among the South American coffees. It is cultivated and distributed by 55 small communities in the vicinity of Chajul. Our partners from “Cafe Imports” have sold it since founding their company. This coffee was valued at 87 in cupping – a real world class coffee.

Guatemala Waykan: Opening the package.

Guatemala Waykan Muni Coffee Package

Muni Coffee Company chose an artful white package with paterns and a beautiful abstract label on the front. The package comes with a degassing valve and a ziplock.
On the front of the package you will find a label that, in this case, depicts a abstract picture of a landscape. Could this be the landscape of where the Guatemala Waykan was produced?
On the label you will find info on the country, region, varietal and process. Below the picture you will find three tasting notes that you will definitely find in the coffee. Unfortunately there is no roasting date on the package.
I do miss a little info on the company itself; it would be nice to find a few words on Muni Coffee Company since their background story is quite interesting!

When opening the package you will see the different varietals of beans and also that each is roasted seperately. The aroma that comes out of the package is sweet with a hint of vanilla and chocolate. When grinding the coffee you will find aroma’s of broth, whole grain cookie, soft spices and a hint of chocolate.

The Tasting.

Guatemala Waykan Muni Coffee Espresso

Take a sip and slurp some oxygen inside your mouth and swirl the coffee round. The first thing you will notice is the texture of the espresso; it’s smooth, velvet like, but also has a little rough cocoa texture to it. Later on during the tasting this rough texture transforms into tannins that remind me of grapefruit. A sour aspect greets you and there is a hint of citric fruit in the flavour right in the beginning. Before long there will be a sweetness that comes with a salmiak, liqourice wood flavour. This is a very nice flavour aspect since it gives the coffee a real kick. The salmiak and liqourice wood flavours will linger for a long time, even in the aftertaste. When the coffee cools down a little, there will be a sweet and soft vanilla note to the coffee. In the aftertaste you will also find tannins that grow more in strenght and remind me of grapefruit tannins. This has nothing to do with the flavour of grapefruit but more with the dryness that appears. After the tannins disappear, the sweetness will take over again and produce a very smooth gentle vanilla flavour in combination with dark chocolate and cocoa. The aftertaste lingers quite long which is nice.

As a Cappuccino/latte based drink this coffee works magic! The sweetness of the coffee really lifts the frothed milk and makes it sweet, smooth and easy to drink. There is a nice raw cocoa flavour to the cappuccino in the beginning but in the aftertaste you will get a smooth sweet dark chocolate hint in your cup as well. I dare say that this Guatemala Waykan is made for latte based drinks!

The Verdict.

Guatemala Waykan Muni Coffee Cappuccino

Muni Coffee Company has created a very nice espresso with the Guatemala Waykan coffee. They created an even nicer coffee when it comes to a latte based drinks. The coffee has great flavours such as salmiak, liqourice wood, raw cocoa, dark chocolate and vanilla. There is also a hint of citric fruits to be found when the coffee is still hot.
The texture is wonderfull and go’s well with a low to medium acidity of the coffee. My recommendation is to brew it with 16gr of coffee and make lots and lots of latte based drinks with it.

As a courtesy to Muni Coffee Comapny, I have provided you with a link to the coffee. This is a non-paid link so don’t hesitate to click on it and look around.

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