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Hits: 17 could use your help by means of a small donation. As of today, we gladly accept dogecoin as a means to keep this website up and running.

Smell and Tell review

Welcome to this small, but very important post on the frontpage of!
My name is Rick Barends; founder/reviewer/writer of
As you might know, is a ‘one man show’ that runs completely on my own funds. Since all my reviews are non-paid to keep my opinion as neutral as possible, I cannot accept any form of payment from the roasters and coffeeshops who send me their coffee.

This, however, does mean that everything that happens on this website is paid by myself. Once in a while I get a little extra from the advertisments that you see on the front page but unfortunately that barely covers the hosting costs.

If you are a regular on this website, or a loyal follower on my instagram page (@coffee_attendant) or facebook (@coffeeattendant2), or even a passer-by that found what you were looking for, think about donating!

Even the smallest of dogecoin of paypal donations would make a big difference! Below you will find a QR-code to send dogecoin to the websites wallet, or click on the paypal widget on the frontpage to make a small donation.

Thank you very much! And even if you don’t donate at all: thank you for reading this post and checking out

Donate Dogecoin to support
Donate Dogecoin to support


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      HOLD THE LINES!!! $1 it is! haha

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