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MOK Specialty Coffee – Jose Cordero

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Beans: Jose Cordero, yellow catuai, washed anaerobic, Tarrazu, Costa Rica.
Shop: MOK Specialty Coffee Roastery and Bar, Bruxelles, Leuven, Belgium

MOK Specialty Coffee Roastery and Bar: Background information.

MOK Specialty Coffee Jose Cordero Comandante Grinder

MOK Specialty Coffee Roastery and Bar is a well known Belgian roaster that houses in Bruxelles and Leuven. Although it considers itself a micro-roastery, the level of roasting is easily on par with bigger roasters out there. MOK’s vision is roasting in small volumes and keeping a close relationship with the coffee traders. They also try to keep working with the same producers thus really knowing the coffee that they sell.

This is the 3rd year MOK is showcasing Luis Campos who pioneered anaerobics in the Tarazzu region. Luis receives cherries from local farmers, processing them lot by lot and so ensuring a great quiclity of coffee with each batch. This year MOK chose 1 natural & 1 washed to roast and sell. For this coffee the pulp is removed and thus exposing the mucilage. Along with added mucilage, the coffee is then placed in a tightly sealed tank to undergo a temperature controlled fermentation. The coffee is then washed and dried in direct sunlight before moving it to a greenhouse. The result is a coffee packed with suculent sweet aroma’s. But more on that later.

MOK Specialty Coffee: Opening the package.

MOK Specialty Coffee Jose Cordero Siphon brewer

The coffee you buy at MOK will come in a white package with a ziplock and degassing valve. The front has a label with some information and the logo. The back has some information about the sustainable project they support. I love those kinds of initiatives.
The color of the label will change depending on the coffee that you buy. This coffee has a white colored label while others will have orange, green etc.
The label on the front of the package will tell you about the country of origin, the farms name, variety, region, process, tasting notes and roasting date.

The first thing you will notice when opening this package are the beautiful equally roasted beans. The scent of creamy vanilla yoghurt (vla) will come forth with a sweet undertone, alsmost like vanilla icecream.
The beans are medium crispy and give off an aroma of brown bread with a slight bitter that makes me think of tea leaves and raw cocoa.
When you grind the coffee, the aroma of broth, cloves and a fruity note comes forth. Nothing like the aroma that comes off of the whole beans inside the package.

The Tasting of the Jose Cordero:

MOK Specialty Coffee Roastery and Bar Jose Cordero Applepie

Liquid applepie. With these two words I could write this whole review and you wont be missing a single word. But I am not going to that, I am going to take you along and make you experience this coffee just I always try to do. So here we go!

I reviewed this coffee on the Hario V60, Aeropress and Siphon. The Hario V60 gave off the best results and I recommend grinding with the Comandante on 26 clicks.

While you brew this coffee gives off an aroma of cedar wood, a hint of red apple, vanilla and cinnamon. The vanilla reminds me of creamy vanilla ice cream. In your glass, the cedar will be gone and you will get a full blown vanilla and cinnamon applepie as an aroma. There are also hints of raisin and brown sugar in the smell, giving it an even sweeter scent.

From the moment this coffee touches your lips you will know what I meant. This is applepie in coffee form. Take a sip and slurp some oxygen inside your mouth, swirl it a little longer and notice how this coffee develops. First I want you to focus on the acidity of this coffee which leans heavily towards an alkaline acidity. Alkaline acidity gives the same sensation as when you put your tongue to squared battery and it gives this coffee a juicy aspect. Juicy means that saliva will be produced more than you normally would and it makes this coffee even sweeter.
That takes care of the acidity and I want to bring you back to the flavours. The first flavour is that of the sweet and intense cinnamon. Almost immediately the cinnamon will be accompanied with red juicy apple and vanilla. Cold raisins and the brown sugar appear when the coffee cools down a little more. By that time the Alkaline acidity starts to lean towards malic as well.

The aftertaste of this coffee doesn’t change from the initial flavours that you get while drinking, you will still get a creamy, vanilla and cinnamon apple-pie. For those who live in The Netherlands and Belgium; you might also get that speculoos/speculaas spices combination in the aftertaste of this coffee. When you breathe back via your closed mouth and through your nose, you will get that cedar note again in the background.

Jose Cordero: The verdict.

MOK Specialty Coffee Jose Cordero Aeropress

The judges are unanimous: this coffee is awesome!
I don’t get a lot of coffees that have flavours that are so compatible that they create a whole dish as a flavour profile. The Jose Corero does just that: it creates liquid creamy apple pie in your cup! The acidity of this coffee is superbly compatible as well. I’m not going to repeat the words I already wrote above and I will just suggest you to try this coffee! And while you ponder and read, I will brew myself another Jose Cordero. Thank you for roasting thw Jose Cordero to perfection MOK Specialy Coffee!

Here is a link to the MOK Specialty Coffee Roastery and Bar webshop. Remember, this is a non-paid link and a courtesy to the roastery itself.

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