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Review: Fankor – Finca Flora.

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Beans: Finca Flora, Typica Mejorado, washed, Pichincha, Ecuador.
Shop: Fankor, webshop, Quito, Ecuador.

Fankor Coffee Roasters

Fankor: Background information.

Fankor Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster from Quito, Ecuador. The first time I visited this shop, I was met with a competent and friendly Barista called Tom or Tomas. He showed me several coffees that were roasted at Fankor and I wasnt disappointed at all. Fankor works directly with farms in various regions of the country. At Fankør, demonstrating the traceability of each of their products is essential. They want their customers to know how the coffee they are consuming, was treated from its sowing to its cup beverage. In this way, they ensure quality and that the price paid to coffee growers is fair.
This coffee hails from the Pichincha area in Ecuador, a place where a lot of quality coffee comes from. It was grown at Finca Flora and consists out of a washed Typica Mejorada and was grown at an altitude of 1370 meters above sea level. The farmer, Yolanda Asifuela, has been growing coffee with her husband and son since 2015.

Fankor Coffee roasters Comandante

Finca Flora: opening the package.

Fankor has chosen to pack their coffee in a white bag, with a degassing valve, which is then placed inside a carton box with paintbrushed art.
On the package you will find the name of the coffee, the farm, the altitude, the varietal and the tasting notes. On the left side of the package you will find some information on the coffee itself and where it was grown. On the right side of the package you will find some information on Fankor itself.
Opening the package reveals nice equally roasted beans with no defects in sight. The aroma that comes up from out of the package is sweet, floral and fruity. The Typica Mejorada bean looks a lot like a peaberry but is definitely not the same. Biting down on the bean, there is a full on floral note as a flavour, together with a tea-leaf note. The bean becomes a a little bitter after that but promises a lot of floral notes for sure.
After grinding you will get a floral jasmin note on the nose, as well as a hint of lemon and tea. Let’s brew this coffee.

Finca Flora Typica Mejorada

Fankor – Finca Flora: The tasting.

I reviewed the coffee on the V60, Aeropress and Siphon brewers. The best results were on the V60 using a low temperature of 90 degrees celsius.
Grinding this coffee on the Comandante grinder, I used 28 clicks and on the Eureka Brew-Pro I use 3.5 on the dial.

As soon as this coffee is brewing, a nice aroma of lavender and jasmin mingles and comes up. When you pour the coffee in a cup, the aroma will have shifted to a sugared tea with a note of jasmin and strawberry. These aroma’s are delicate and you must inhale very slowly to get the best result.
From the moment you sip the coffee, you will get the lemony and pear like acdity of the coffee. A sweet sugared tea flavour is mingled with a note of jasmin and overripe pear. The flavour reminds a little of the Ola/Festini pear popsicle ice, a small fruit ice popsicle that kids love here in The Netherlands.
When the coffee cools down even more, the strawberry comes up as a very delicate note. With that I mean that the strawberry can be found in the front of your mouth but it will not dominate the jasmin or pear.
The mouthfeel on this coffee is silky and smooth with no bitterness at all. The aftertaste is that of warm sugared tea with milk and pear. It doesn’t linger for long unfortunately.

Fankor Finca Flora package label

Finca Flora: The verdict.

Fankor has created a beautiful light roasted coffee out of the Finca Flora. This coffee could easily be mistaken for an Ethiopian coffee with the floral jasmin and fruity notes of pear and strawberry. The coffee is best brewed at lower temperatures to make the flavours come out best.
This coffee is great for during the day and even after dinner. I know that this coffee will not be available for a lot of people reading this, but if you live in Eqcuador you sohuld definitely give this coffee a shot!

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