Imbibe Coffee Roasters Finca La Cumbre

Hits: 42Beans: Finca La Cumbre, Caturra, 200hrs anaerobic fermentation, Huila, Colombia.Shop: Imbibe Coffee Roasters, Dublin, Ireland. Imbibe Coffee Roasters – background information: The first time I was introduced to Imbibe Coffee Roasters (roasters of the Finca La Cumbre) from Dublin was when I was visiting my friend Roger Zapatas. HeRead More →

Smell and Tell game logo

Hits: 65 Smell and Tell. These three words are the starting point of a journey through the world of aroma’s. Play, learn and above all, enjoy getting better at detecting the aroma’s in a game invented by Coffeemind. Coffeemind: Background information. Meet Morten Munchow; masters degree in Biology and Philosophy,Read More →

Schot Koffie El Corozal Review

Hits: 25Beans: El Corozal, Colombia, Washed, Huila, Colombia.Shop: Schot Koffie, Webshop, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Schot Koffie: Background information. Schot Koffie (roaster of El Corozal) is one of the oldest coffee roasters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As you might expect from a roaster that has been around since 2011, they knowRead More →