Coffee Related 2020

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Last week the first online edition of Coffee Related took place on zoom. This online event gave brands a chance of showcasing their product to coffee related press and persons.

Coffee Related overview

Coffee Related is an online coffee convention that was held for the first time. This event was organized by Prince PR and played host to brands such as Brita together with the European Tea Society, Dolce Gusti, About Coffee and Tea and one of the authors of the book: “De prijs van mijn koffie” (The Price of my Coffee). Each had a short presentation of 10 minutes to showcase their product and 5 minutes to answer any questions.

Coffee related – Brechje Deben: Prijs van mijn Koffie.

Coffee Related De Prijs van mijn Koffie

Brechje Deben, co-author of the book, had a short presentation in which she clearly explained why we all should read this book. This book is all about the history and trade-chain of coffee and why coffee is becoming an endangered plant species. By discussing 12 question one should ask him/herself (or baristas and roasters) this book explains how coffee is produced, traded and everything in between. Without pointing fingers, Brechje and Demian van der Reijden, will make you aware that we all have to step in to protect coffee, the environment and the farmers together. This is not just done by words, the book has several QR-codes that one can scan in order to watch interviews with coffee-industry experts online. With beautiful artwork, the lack of word-walls and the interactive QR-codes, this book is joy to read.
The book is written in Dutch but the English translation is already in progress.
ISDN: 978-90-823-0314-8

Coffee related: About Coffee and Tea.

Coffee Related About Coffee and Tea

About Coffee and tea is a new player in the Dutch coffee market that focusses on coffee being a well appreciated gift. The idea behind About Coffee and Tea was to create coffee in a package that was a piece of art on itself. The packaging would make this coffee stand out and make it worthy as a birthday present etc. Together with her partner, owner Ilona Jurtschenko-Roelofs created three different coffees with each their unique flavour profile with coffees originating from Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. The best part is that the brand carries several climate and environment certificates such as the Gold Standard and Rainforrest Alliance certificates.
The coffees can be ordered online at their website.

Coffee Related: European Tea Association.

Kiona Malinka European Tea Association

Dutch Tea Sommelier Kiona Malinka held a short presentation about tea and a new Tea organization: European Tea Association. Much like wine and coffee, tea is starting to become more of an specialty industry in Europe in the past several years. With the founding of the European Tea Association, the industry is aiming for a more professional approach by consumers and businesses alike. Although the knowledge about Tea in Europe is still lightyears behind on Asia, the European Tea Association aims to make good on that in the coming years. The European Tea Association offers official training and courses to those who want to become professionals in the world of Tea. Kiona talked about the different memberships the association offers and the benefits they hold. To learn more about the European Tea Association you can visit their website.

Brita Style with LED indicator.

During the presentation of Kiona Malinka we also got to see the Brita Style with a LED indicator. This home-use water filter uses a LED smart system that indicates when the filter cartridge needs to be changed. The Brita Style has a fast filter cartridge that instantly filters water; no more waiting for 24 hours but instantly drink your filtered water. Unfortunately the spokesperson from Brita didn’t get the opportunity to talk about this new LED system, but the usage is pretty clear.

Coffee Related: Amsterdam Coffee Festival – Allegra Global Coffee Network.

Amsterdam Coffee Festival

Allegra Global Coffee Network was represented by Jeffrey Young. Allegra is the organization behind the … Coffee Festival that is held throughout the world each year. This year however, Allegra had to make some very difficult decisions and cancelled all the Coffee Festivals they planned. Jeffrey explained to us how Corona is affecting the coffee industry and how Corona is also changing the set-up of upcoming festivals. In the future we will see more interactive online content appear but, as Jeffrey said, a coffee festival just isn’t the same without the actual tasting, smelling etc.
Stay tuned for news from Allegra and on future events by following them on social media.

This concludes the round-up of the very first Coffee Related. It was fun participating in an online coffee event, but let’s hope the future will bring us the ‘normal’ coffee festivals again. I would like to thank Prins PR (Public Relations, Amsterdam) for hosting this event en I hope to see you soon again!

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