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Review: Coffea Circulor – Panama Lissy.

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Beans: Finca Stal, Green tip Geisha, 72hrs slow drying Anaerobic, Natural, Boquete, Panama.
Shop: Coffea Circulor, webshop, Norway and Sweden.

Coffea Circulor – Finca Stal: Background information.

Coffea Circulor logo panama lissy

Coffea Circulor, the roaster behind the Panama Lissy, is an international team of coffee professionals that, through inspiration, innovation and environmental care, wants to bring coffee to the public all over the world. Founded in 2010, Coffea Circulor has won many prizes including the Norwegian roasting championships in 2014. Founder Ivica Cvetanovski is a renowned coach to many prize winners such as Rubens Gardelli and Audun Sorbotten. Coffea Circulor has made it their mission to ensure that the planet understands, values and protects coffee in all it’s facets. But lets take a look at the coffee at hand!

Unfortunately I could not find any information on the internet about Finca Stal. So I will have to go with what I could find and what’s on the package. Finca Stal is not a big farm and it is located in Callejon Seco near Boquete. The farm grows his coffee on an altitude between 1750 and 1800 meters above sea level. For this particular coffee, Finca Stal used a slow drying 72hrs Anaerobic fermentation in combination with a Natural process. In terms of quality, this coffee gets 95 points, making it a incredibly high rated coffee.

Coffea Circulor – Panama Lissy: Opening the package.

Finca Stal Panama Lissy siphon

Once in a while you get a package that’s just like a piece of art. Coffea Circulor is one of those roasters that put a lot of effort into the design of the package. Obviously there is a ziplock and a degassing valve on the package to keep it as fresh as possible. Looking at the package, it isn’t weird that perhaps you didn’t even notice that. The ‘angel’ design on the front depicts a woman/goddess surrounded by coffee plants and holding coffee cherries in her hand. The way it’s designed makes it look as if she is offering the coffee to you personally. Next up is the information on the package. There is a lot of information, A LOT! But all of it will help you understand and brew the coffee better.
On the package of the Panama Lissy you will find information on the name, country and farmer. On the left side of the label you will find information on the region, altitude, varietal, process, lot size and trade. On the right side of the label there is a lot of tasting notes. Aroma, flavour, aftertaste, acidity, body and balance.
There is also a quality rating in the top right of the label, depicting the cupping score that this coffee has: 95 points.
On the backside of the coffee you will find a lot of information about Coffea Circulor’s values, mission, contribution and even brewing and water recommendations. Way to go Coffea Circulor!!

Inside the package:

When you open the package the first thing you will notice is the pristine condition of the beans. It feels like Ivica Cvetanovski has handpicked the roasted beans himself and made sure each and every beans has the roasting color. The aroma that comes out the package is overwhelming to the point that you will almost lean backwards a little. Fermented cherry and floral notes are battling to caress your nostrils. Roses, Farmers Jasmine blossom and orange blossom are all in those first seconds when opening the package. The fermented cherry strongly reminds me of cherry brandy…and I love it!
When you grind up the beans, the floral notes are traded in for more aroma’s; strawberry and a mixture of custard/vanilla dessert. It is only in this state of the coffee that these notes can be detected. Let’s brew!

Panama Lissy: The tasting.

Hario V60 Panama Lissy

The Panama Lissy deserved a special treatment and so I used the incredible Sibarist filters for brewing. These filters have a very fast flowrate and allow you to grind your filter coffee so much finer without getting bitterness in your brew. I reviewed this coffee on the Hario V60, Siphon and Aeropress.
Up front I want to tell you that, although the flavours and aroma’s are amazing, the mouthfeel and acidity is what makes this coffee stand out so much. It is a coffee that is so layered and yet so balanced…wow!

When you start brewing this coffee (93-95 degrees celsius) you will get warm red wine and cherry fermentation on the nose. As the brewing progresses a strawberry sweetness mingles with scented sandalwood candle-chips. The mixture of these aroma’s is great but it is not everything this coffee has to offer. After the brewing is done, and the coffee is in your glass, there will be an aroma of Jasmine popping up as well as a orange aspect. These notes give balance to the palette making it a treat to keep smelling. But there is tasting to be done!

Drinking or experiencing the coffee?

When you take your first sip you will get notes of wild strawberry (less boldly sweet than the supermarket types), sugar cane and a hint of champagne in the back of your mouth. Just slurp some oxygen inside, swirl the coffee round and feel this mixture fill your senses. After swallowing you will notice a prickly sensation in the upper part of your mouth, as if white pepper stimulates your mouth. Not the flavour though, just the sensation.
Letting the coffee cool down, the champagne turns from a flavour onto the foundation for the mouthfeel. Sweet, a hint of sourness and freshness that you only get from drinking quality champagne. Slowly you will notice how the cherry brandy pops up in the background again.

The aftertaste lingers for quite a while, longer than your usual high quality coffee. Notice the notes of Oolong tea (a japanese tea that you can drink warm and cold), the fruitiness of the strawberry and, when the coffee cools down, gentle tannins and soft cherry fermentation. All the way in the end, the aftertaste harbours notes of cedar and cloves as well.

Coffea Circulor Colombia Hero368

How about the Acidity and Mouthfeel?

When the Panama Lissy is hot, you will get a citric acidity in terms of orange. This go’s very well with the fruity notes when the coffee is hot. It doesn’t end there because the acidity changes over time into a malic acidity. The malic acidity kicks in when the champagne note transitions from a flavour into the mouthfeel and matches perfectly. The bubbly freshness and green apple acidity linger for a while until the coffee gets a grape-ish mouthfeel in the end. This is marked by the soft elegant tannins that appear when you let the coffee cool off even more and even hints towards Alkaline acidity, giving the cedar and clove aftertaste notes headway into your palette. Its awesome!

Coffea Circulor – Panama Lissy: The verdict.

Panama Lissy package

Finca Stal might not be the most famous Panama Geisha producer out there, most of you might not even have heard from them before. Let me tell you this: Finca Stal struck gold with the Panama Lissy. Not only are the flavours exceptional and the aroma’s superb, it’s the mouthfeel and acidity that complement each other in a way you rarely ever encounter. The most striking is the way the champagne note turns from a flavour into a mouthfeel and carries this coffee from the start to the end. The Cherry Brandy note is always lurking around the corner but never dominates as a flavour. Obviously the roasting is of the highest quality as well and I tip my hat in respect to Coffea Circulor.

What else can I say? A coffee that has fruity, floral, herby and even a woody notes in it is the whole package deal you want in your coffee. Thank you!

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