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Review: Eureka Atom Specialty 75.

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Grinders come in all forms and sizes and everyone wants a grinder catered to their specific wishes. Eureka, founded in 1920, has been working on an assortment of grinders that do just that: to meet the expectations of their customers. In this review, I will tell you what my experiences are with the Eureka Atom Specialty 75, a grinder that seems to be perfect for my needs. But is it good enough to keep me satisfied?

Eureka: Background information.

Eureka Atom Specialty 75 backside

Founded in 1920, in Florence by Aurelio Conti, the company started its activity as manufacturer of grinders for Espresso and quickly became a symbol of excellence. Nowadays, thanks to its international and dynamic attitude, Eureka aims to become the most innovative company in the coffee grinder industry: the “State of the Art”  in grinding technique for any type of coffee preparation.

Eureka has, as of today, an assortment of nine different grinder models. Each of these models, except for the Mythos, Nadir and Drogheria, have multiple models within that range. It’s easy to say that for every person, they would have a matching grinder. Eureka has three patents that stand out most in the crowd: the silent technology that dampens the sound of the grinders immensely, the Stepless Micrometric Regulation System that positions the lower burr instead of the top burr, and the Blow-Up system that promises a zero retention result.

Eureka Atom Specialty 75: Why did I choose to buy this grinder?

Eureka Atom Specialty 75 Side

As you all know, I review coffees for roasters from all over the world. I do these reviews at home where my wife, son and two cats live as well. This has consequences for me as a reviewer and the most prominent one is that literally EVERYBODY whines about the noise of the grinder I use. I started with the Compak K3 and moved on to the Fiorenzato F64 Evo. The noise always kept being a point of discussion and so I wanted a grinder that was way more silent. I also wanted a grinder that was easily adjustable, nice in design and wouldn’t have too much retention. And since I am working with the Brew-Pro for my filter coffee reviews, it would only be logical to look at Eureka for my next grinder. Eureka offered to cooperate with me so I could try out the Eureka Atom Specialty 75; a good looking, silent and pro-use grinder. Before the red flags start to wave: I paid for the grinder in order to keep my independence as a reviewer. Also, this review isn’t paid for by Eureka.

About the grinder:

Eureka Atom Specialty 75 close up

The Atom series has been with Eureka for a very long time. At first it was brought to the market as a consumer grinder, leaning toward the pro-sumer market. With the Atom Specialty series, Eureka has created a grinder that is suitable for pro-sumers and for businesses alike. The Atom Specialty series come with a 65mm and 75mm burr set, yet both grinders are identical in design. Above the Specialty series you will find the Atom Pro which offers 920 watts instead of the 800 watts of the Specialty series.

The Eureka Atom Specialty 75 has, as the name suggests, 75mm flat hardened steel burrs. The power of the motor is a staggering 800 watts, offering 1400RPM on top speed. The patented Silent Technology offers a noise reduction of 20Db compared to the other grinders in it’s class.


  • 20 decibels noise reduction (10 decibels quieter than Mazzer Mini & Super Jolly as tested by Espresso Ninja*)
  • Incredible consistent dose and grind particles
  • Patented anti clump/static system delivers light, fluffy grounds
  • Digital colour display
  • Compact design
  • 75mm flat burrs
  • 1.4kg bean hopper
  • 800 watts motor
  • 1400 RPM
  • Approx grinding speed – 4.5-5.5 grams/second (3.5 sec for 18gr)
  • Eureka stepless micro-metrical grind adjustment
  • LED to light portafilter while dosing
  • Intuitive electronic grind time adjustment
  • Reduces wastage by grinding a consistent, pre-programmed amount of coffee
  • Single shot and double shot buttons
  • Grind counter
  • Compatible with the Blow-Up system.
  • Compatible with the Mythos burrs
  • Height: 570 mm, Width: 180 mm, Depth: 227 mm, Weight: 9,5 kg

Working with the Atom Specialty 75:

Eureka Atom Specialty 75 grind size dial

The Atom Specialty 75 has a beautiful simple design and just as easy to use. The front colour display has 5 push down buttons that let’s you control everything. The top left and right are to adjust the grind time, the middle left and right are for switching between single and double dose. The lower center button is for selecting manual grinding. In the top of the display you can see how many ‘grinds’ you have done so far. Easy enough!
There is an adjustable portafilter-holder that has a LED light that makes it easy to position your portafilter even when its dark.
Up top you have the patented Stepless Micrometric Regulation System, the grind-size dial, that lets you adjust the grind-size super fast and simple.
The hopper can hold a huge amount of beans, 1.4Kg, and can easily be used in a shop. If you want to, you can buy a small hopper for this grinder and even add the Blow-Up system as well. I will write a review on that system in another article. The downside on the design of the hopper is that the angle isn’t steep enough for all beans to fall into the grinder.

Grinding with the Atom Specialty 75 is just bliss. Tap the single (or double) dose button. press the portafilter against the button and voila. It takes between 3.5 and 4.0 seconds to grind 18gr of coffee and everything that comes out of the grinder, lands inside the portafilter. No sprudge and thus no cleaning up after grinding the coffee. Did I already mention that this grinder is silent? The video’s on Youtube don’t do justice to the amount of decibel this grinder produces. For the first time in my life, my wife isn’t complaining about a fighter-jet taking off. The grounds that come out of the Atom are fluffy and produce amazing flavours. Distributing the grounds is super easy since there are no clumps at all. So far, everything about this grinder is 10/10.

A purist point of view:

As a reviewer I have to look at the grinder from different points of view, one of them being the view of a purist. In this section I will tell you about the retention, grind consistency and single dosing of the Atom Specialty 75.

Atom Specialty 75 consistency

Single Dosing:
I have run a test with 15gr of beans per dose, grinding for 5.5 seconds with the dial at 5. I repeated this test 10 times and below are the results of the single dosing. I do have to point out that the grinder has been used for about three months now. The results will differ from when the grinder is brand new.

  1. 15.1 grams out
  2. 14.9 grams out
  3. 14.7 grams out
  4. 15.1 grams out
  5. 15.0 grams out
  6. 14.9 grams out
  7. 14.7 grams out
  8. 14.9 grams out
  9. 15.0 grams out
  10. 15.0 grams out

The results are really good if you ask me. There were two results where there was a 0.3 gram retention in the grinder, all the others were 0.1 down or up. Aside from the test, I experienced the same while reviewing coffee; the Atom Specialty 75 does a great job at single dosing in comparison to other grinders that I have owned. The ‘downside’ on single-dosing on the Atom Specialty 75 is that you will have to increase the grind time in order to let the grinder finish all the beans.

Grind consistency:

In terms of grind consistency I can be very short and to the point: it’s great.
I have done a test in which I took 4 grind settings of the Atom 75 to check the consistency of the grinder. I started with setting 9 and went down to 6, 3 and 1. I also did a ‘fines’ test to see how much fines the grinder produces.

Below you will see the four pictures of the grind results.
On grind setting 9, with 15 grams of coffee, the grinder had a total of 0.6 grams of fines.
On grind setting 6, with 15 grams of coffee, the grinder had a total of 0.6 grams of fines.
On grind setting 3, with 15 grams of coffee, the grinder had a total of 1 gram of fines.
On grind setting 1, with 15 grams of coffee, the grinder had a total of 1.8 grams of fines.
At setting 1, the grinder clearly showed movement when the grinder started and stopped grinding.
The espresso range for me is somewhere between the 4 and 5.5 setting so these results are very agreeable.

The verdict about the Eureka Atom Specialty 75.

Eureka Atom Specialty 75

Simply said; Eureka has manufactured a very, very good grinder with the Atom Specialty 75. The design is modern and simple, the interface of the menu is super easy to use and the grinding itself is great. The fluffy grounds give a whole new dimension to the flavours of your coffee!
The test results show that this is a grinder that you can buy with your eyes closed. The retention is hardly there and the consistency is great. Even your partner/family will love the choice for this grinder in terms of the noise. In my opinion this grinder will also do very well in a coffee shop; the power of the grinder might even be a little overpowered for home-use, but you don’t hear me complain one bit!
The only downsides are that the hopper on the Atom Specialty 75 is a bit big for home-use and that the angle of the hopper isn’t steep enough for all beans to fall down. Other than that I can only say that I’m totally in love with this grinder. Oh, and did I mention that if you want to upgrade your burrs you can use the Mythos burrs? Or that Eureka offers the ‘Diamond’ burrs as well? Ain’t that a treat!

PS: Keep an eye out on my website for the Blow-Up review and the ‘How-to-clean’ tutorial. Both of these will be on YouTube as well.
Here is a link to my Eureka Brew-Pro grinder review and it’s ‘How-To’ tutorial.

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