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Alt Wien Kaffee – Gedeo Adado.

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Beans: Gedeo Adado, Mixed Heirloom, washed, Gedeo, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.
Shop: Alt Wien Kaffee, Webshop, Vienna, Austria.

Alt Wien Kaffee: Background information.

Alt Wien Kaffee Vienna

Alt Wien Kaffee is a typical Viennese coffee shop located just outside the center of Vienna. Aside from the Viennese architecture, this coffee shop is very different from others in this city. Alt Wien Kaffee is the place where tradition meets specialty coffee and the people responsible for this fact are Christian Schroedl and Oliver Goetz. In the present days, Alt Wien Kaffee is the coffee shop in Vienna that offers the traditional liked dry chocolaty espresso’s and, for those that are looking for something special, a range of high quality specialty coffee.

The Gedeo Adado is a pure organic single-site coffee from the Gedeo Zone in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. The coffee comes from small holders in the area and is grown at heights of up to 2300m altitude. The ideal climatic conditions in the “champagne region” of the coffee world always ensure a certain level of quality to the coffee grown there. The region is very fertile with lush vegetation that absorbs all the minerals in the soil. The Adado Cooperative currently has around 2939 members who produce and harvest 2498 tons of coffee cherries per year. About a third of the production comes from washed coffees, the rest are naturals. Alt Wien Kaffee has graced me with a washed coffee from the world famous coffee trader Trabocca.

Alt Wien Kaffee – Ethiopia Gedeo Adado: Opening the package.

Alt Wien Kaffee Gedeo Adado package

Alt Wien Kaffee coffee comes in a plastic bag with a ziplock and degassing valve to keep the coffee as fresh as possible for as long as possible. On the front you will find the logo of the brand and the weight. The fun starts when you rotate this package and get to the back.
There is a label on the back the covers about everything you want in terms of information. There is a little description of the coffee background, tasting notes divided in flavour, aroma and aftertaste. Furthermore you will find the region, producer, process and varietal, as well as the roasting profile and date. On both sides you can read about the roaster, their motto and a bit of advice on a journey through the world of coffee. Talking about a complete set of information that you want as a consumer!

When opening this package the mellow aroma of fruity and candy-like strawberry is faintly recognizable. Just let the aroma flow into your nose to pinpoint it. When you grind the coffee, the grounds smell fruity with a hint of lemon sweetness to it. The strawberry is also there, but once again in the background. Biting down on one of the beans gives you a dark tea flavour that carries a soft bitter. After biting down a little more, there is a clear peach and strawberry flavour popping up. I didn’t expect this after the initial bite, but its there for sure! The roast is even and there are no defects in the package.

Gedeo Adado: The tasting.

Ethiopia Gedeo Adado

I reviewed this coffee on the Aeropress, Hario V60 and Siphon using the Eureka Brew Pro. The results on the brewers differed somewhat and my favorite result came off of the Siphon. The acidity in combination with the sweetness makes it a real treat!

When you start brewing this coffee you will notice how this coffee produced some floral aroma’s that reminded me of dried flowers and lavender. When the brew cools down, the peach and strawberry notes take over. These aroma’s aren’t overly sweet, but subtle and pleasant. If you let the coffee cool off a bit more, the aroma of sugared milk tea will take over. When you take a sip of the coffee and slurp oxygen inside your mouth, the first flavour you will encounter is a sweet lemon citric one. Slurp some oxygen inside your mouth and swirl the coffee round to find the fruity flavours. There is a hint of boiled pea water in the coffee when it is still hot but this dissipates quite quickly. Notice how the strawberry and peach pop up now. Subtle, gentle but definitely there! On the lower side of your tongue, the lemon flavour and acidity keeps pulling saliva into your mouth. This makes each next sip a tad sweeter than the one before.

Gedeo Adado Siphon

As the coffee cools down even more, the strawberry and peach take over more and more. There is a lychee-bitter appearing as well. Not the lychee flavour, mind you, just the mouthfeel. The overall mouthfeel of the brew is silky and very pleasant. The aftertaste brings a green tropical flavour to the palette, much like unripe guave it is sweet/sour at the same time. There is also a hint of sugared tea and in the background a faint peach note. Dare I say that this coffee is getting better to colder it gets? YES!

Alt Wien Kaffee – Ethiopia Gedeo Adado: The verdict.

Alt Wien Kaffee Hario V60

This washed Gedeo Adado is one of those coffees that delivers what it says on the package. Notes of lemon, strawberry, peach and floral hints are all in there. Sometimes a coffee can shine in simplicity and doesn’t need complex tasting notes or a changing acidity to be a great coffee to drink. If you are looking for a ‘simple’ coffee that will keep you satisfied in each and every way, this a must-buy for you. After having reviewed the Bermudez and Kainamui from Alt Wien Kaffee, this was a easy review for me and I very much appreciate coffees like these. It is coffees like this that will make the crowd turn towards specialty coffee and I applaud it! Thank you Oliver Goetz for roasting this coffee!

Here is a direct link to the webshop of Alt Wien Kaffee. This coffee costs a mere 9.90 euro for 250grams and it is a bargain! Im not getting paid for this link, I just want to make it easier for you to purchase this coffee.

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