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Review: Alt Wien Kaffee – Bermudez Frutos Rojos

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Beans: Alt Wien Kaffee, Castillo, Double Anaerobic Fermentation, Cauca, Colombia.
Shop: Alt Wien Kaffee, Shop, Webshop, Vienna, Austria.

Alt Wien Kaffee: Background Information.

Alt Wien Kaffee is a typical Viennese coffee shop located just outside the centre of Vienna. Aside from the Viennese architecture, this coffee shop is very different from others in this city. Alt Wien Kaffee is the place where tradition meets specialty coffee and the people responsible for this fact are Christian Schroedl and Oliver Goetz. In the present days, Alt Wien Kaffee is the coffee shop in Vienna that offers the traditional liked dry chocolaty espresso’s and, for those that are looking for something special, a range of high quality specialty coffee. After following Oliver on Instagram for a while, I got intrigued by his approach on coffee and decided to contact him for a review on this website. He send met three coffees: an Ethiopia Gedeo Adado Bio, Kenya Kainamui and this Colombia Bermudez Frutos Rojos. Oliver and Christian used this coffee as their 2019 Brewers Cup Championship coffee because of it’s quality.

This washed double anaerobic fermented coffee comes from the famous Finca El Paraiso that is owned by Diego Samuel Bermudez. Diego Samuel Bermudez started with his coffee growing project in 2008. To him growing coffee was fascinating, he loved visiting his friend’s farms and see them growing coffee. His family, who didn’t grow coffee at the time, owned a farm that was isolated so Diego saw the opportunity to grow coffee there. He began a 2.5 hectares project while doing his studies on Agricultural Enterprise Management, thereby seeing the birth of Finca El Paraiso. After years, this farm is a well known name in the coffee industry and Diego a achieved some great things. Most importantly perhaps is the environmental progress his washing station has made:
– He created an industrial plant which allows to make the water used in the processes 60% potable and 40% clean and non-polluting. 
– Pulp treatment; processing of compost, using organic minerals to create fertilizer.
– The pulp with good selection becomes “Cascara”, a by product which can be used for consumption (Ice tea, sodas, hot tea, baking flour etc.).

Alt Wien Kaffee: Opening the Package.

Kaffee Alt Wien Package El Paraiso

Alt Wien Kaffee coffee comes in a plastic bag with a ziplock and degassing valve to keep the coffee as fresh as possible for as long as possible. On the front you will find the logo of the brand and the weight. The fun starts when you rotate this package and get to the back.
There is a label on the back the covers about everything you want in terms of information. There is a little description of the coffee background, tasting notes divided in flavour, aroma and aftertaste. Furthermore you will find the region, producer, process and varietal, as well as the roasting profile and date. On both sides you can read about the roaster, their motto and a bit of advice on a journey through the world of coffee. Talking about a complete set of information that you want as a consumer!

When opening the package, the beans all look evenly roasted and well, no defects at all. Tasting one of the beans is a treat! The bean is crispy and gives off a flavour of Mon Cherry chocolate and a hint of strawberry as well. The bitterness of the bean only adds to the chocolate aspect and doesn’t feel bad at all. And this is just by tasting a dry bean mind you!
When grinding the coffee, a broth-like aroma pops up which is later accompanied by intense strawberry, red currant and a sweet marshmallow-like aroma. delicious.

Bermudez Frutos Rojos: The Tasting.

Bermudez Frutos Rojos Cafflano

I reviewed this double anaerobic fermented washed coffee on the V60, Aeropress, Siphon and on the Cafflano Kompact. The tip I got from Oliver was to brew this coffee on a coarser grind with water that was very hot. Although this was indeed the best way to brew this coffee, I was amazed by it even on lower temperatures. That being said, I do think that my favourite way of brewing was on the Hario V60.

As soon as the coffee is brewing, the aroma of sweet strawberry flows into the room. There is a creamy aspect to the aroma and that in turn makes me think of strawberry yoghurt drink. When the coffee cools down a little, there is a flash of fermentation on the nose, together with orange peel, before the aroma changes onward. When the coffee is at a temperature where you can easily drink it, there is a red currant and red Kanzi apple aroma to the brew. This is a coffee that bursts with aroma, how about the flavours?

Kaffee Alt Wien Bermudez Frutos Rojos Eureka grinder

When you take a sip from the hot brew, there will be a black tea flavour right before the strawberry completely takes over. Strawberry yoghurt candy is what I’m thinking off. Its a creamy, candy like sweetness that turns into the flavour of the strawberry Calippo ice cream as you swirl it through your mouth.
After the coffee cools down a little the strawberry is accompanied by a vanilla pudding flavour. Making this coffee even more creamy to the touch. It’s not that the vanilla is the dominant flavour, it is more a support flavour to the strawberry. If you let the coffee cool down even more, you will find two new flavours that finish this amazing coffee. Aside from the strawberry, you will notice how the mouthfeel and flavour of grape juice flows into the palette. Swirl the coffee round and focus on the sweetness. Aside from the strawberry and grapes the new flavour in your mouth is that of the luscious red Kanzi apple again. Does this ever end?

The mouthfeel of this coffee has two sides. The first side is that of a citric acidity that leans towards lemon and lime. Gradually you’ll notice that the acidity changes a bit into the red apple (soft malic) acidity. Together with the silky texture of this coffee, this is just heavenly. The aftertaste of the coffee is that of cocoa (minus the dryness) black tea and, what else, strawberry.

Alt Wien Kaffee – Bermudez Frutos Rojos: The verdict.

El Paraiso Bermudez Frutos Rojos

The Colombian Bermudez Frutos Rojos washed double anaerobic fermented coffee is just sublime. The aroma’s and flavours a legion but do not stand in line to appear. In fact, this coffee feels like a waterfall, a melody if you will. All the flavours and aroma’s flow into each other, making it a real journey from start to end. The roasting on the Loring is done perfectly and in a way we should give Jan Schuitemaker a little credit for it as well. Jan taught Oliver to roast on the Loring. But eventually it is Oliver Goetz who has worked his magic on the roaster and provided me with a coffee that I will long remember.

As a courtesy to Oliver, I have placed the direct link to this coffee so you can check it out. I do not get paid for the link, it’s just because I really want to you know where to get this coffee.

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