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Review Update: Eureka Brew Pro grinder.

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It has been over a year that I have been using the Eureka Brew Pro grinder and it is time for an update.
How does the Eureka Brew Pro perform after one year? Were there any problems that I encountered and would I still recommend using this grinder? All these questions will be answered in this review update.

Brew Pro update

Eureka Brew Pro specifications:

Type: Flat
Diameter: 55 mm (Brew specific design)
Material: Hardened steel

Traction: Direct
Rpm: 1350
Power: 310 watt
Feeding: Single phase

Height: 350 mm
Width: 120 mm
Depth: 190 mm
Weight: 5,6 kg

Available versions: 2 doses + continous
Stepless micrometric adjustment: Yes
Bean hopper capacity: 300 gr
Productivity (g/s): 1,9 – 2,5 Brew

Display: Yes (Touch)
Dose counter: Yes
Pauze mode: Yes
Receptacle: Yes

Unscrew the screw on the top burr to take it off.

My stats so far:

In order to write the update for this grinder, I have kept track of how many coffees I have used on this grinder and how many doses I have ground on the Brew Pro. This way you can see that this update has been written with sufficient amount of data and that it is a reliable update.
In total there is a dose count of 751. I have drank 56 different coffees of different varieties while using this grinder. these are not just reviewed coffees, but also coffees that I have drank as a consumer.

My opinion on the Eureka Brew Pro after one year.

As you might have read in my previous review on the Eureka Brew Pro, I was very pleased with the grinder and I still am.

The Eureka Brew Pro is a grinder specifically designed for brewing coffee on a V60 to a French Press and anything in between. The grinder encompasses the whole range in terms of grinding but does NOT cover the espresso/turkish coffee range. If you are looking for a grinder that encompasses that range as well, please look for the other machines in the Eureka Mignon line such as the Specialita for example.

The hopper, the receptacle and setting the grind size.

Eureka grinder Brew Pro

Just like the design, the Eureka Brew Pro is all about efficiency and easy-to-use mechanics. Setting the grind size can easily be done with the stepless dial on top of the machine. Do keep in mind that adjusting the grind size should always be done while grinding coffee. This is not a Eureka specific rule, but one that go’s for all the grinders out there. It will prevent your grinder from jamming up. The machine jamming has happened to me a couple of times because I didn’t follow this rule. When the machine is jammed, turn it off and take some tongs/pincers to manually turn the burrs a little. That’s all.

The hopper sits comfortably in main body but when you take the hopper out, be sure that no coffee grounds end up on the ‘ledge’ where you rest the hopper on. This will make the hopper a little wobbly although it’s still firmly locked in place.

The receptacle rests loosely against the main body of the grinder. You will have to get used to it not begin locked in place at first, but the design makes sense. To grind with the Brew Pro, you only need to nudge the container a little which works perfectly in my opinion. If the receptacle would be locked in place, it would be a hassle to lock the container in it’s place over and over.

Handling the display.

The display is also easy to use and after I had set it up, I hardly ever had to change the settings on the grinder any more.
The consistency of the output of this grinder it very precise. Sometimes the grinder ‘eats’ 0.2 grams of coffee, but overall; what go’s in, comes out again. This is a very important aspect since I always weigh my coffee before grinding it. The display is still functioning like it did a year ago and the brightness of the display can be adjusted and doesn’t irritate at all when it’s dark. The ‘feel’ while handling the touch screen display may feel a little ‘soft’ to the touch, but the display holds out very nicely and doesn’t break easily.

Grinding with the Eureka Brew Pro.

Eureka Brew Pro Hario V60 Grindsize

I have been using this grinder intensively and I haven’t had any problems whatsoever. The consistency is still amazing on the finer grind sizes. Just like any other grinder, the coarser ground coffee does show some inconsistency. But that is not a Brew Pro specific issue.
What I did notice is that the amount of fines will increase a little when you don’t clean out your grinder on a regular basis. Just deep clean your Brew Pro and you’ll be fine.
What keeps surprising me is the absence of noise while grinding. The Eureka Brew Pro is just so incredibly silent in comparison to my other grinder. For Espresso’s I grind my coffee with a Fiorenzato F64 Evo and the noise makes having a conversation near to impossible. Eureka has done an excellent job in this department and it is something that is a real plus for the home barista.

Mignon Brew Pro 55

The update verdict.

After using this grinder for a year now, I can only say that I am still in love with the Brew Pro. It’s such a luxury to have a grinder just for filter coffee; no more adjusting the grind size and no more espresso fines in my filter grounds.
The silence of the grinder and the easy-to-use mechanics make this a prize possession if you don’t want to use your hand grinder all the time. The consistency of this grinder is still as good as it was when it was brand new. Adjusting the grind size is easy but do remember to grind coffee while doing so, or your grinder will jamm.
All in all I am super happy with the Eureka Brew Pro and I am glad that it’s in my possession. The prize is reasonable and the design makes it a bit like the Apple amongst the grinders if you ask me. For anyone who is hesitating in buying this grinder; I can vouch for it’s quality. You will not regret buying it.


  1. Hi, are there any information or videos on recalibrate, reset MORE coarse than the machine is factory set at. I do have some information but I dont understand why no one is making it available.
    I would appreciate any and all information
    Thank you

    1. Author

      Hi Ann,
      I get why you would like to do that since I’ve done the same with my Compak and Fiorenzato grinders in the past. Bypassing the safety-lock on the grinders allows you to grind more coarse, making it possible for an espresso grinder to grind filter as well. Since the burrs of the Eureka Brew Pro are made exclusively for filter grinding, and the grinder already encompasses the full filter range, I do not see the why I would do that.
      You mention recalibrating the grinder. Do you mean recalibrating the burrs so that possible mis-alignment could be solved? In that case I wont be able to help you. I do know how to do it but I havent done it myself since ruining your burrs is very easily done that why. In short it would mean that you’d have to set the burrs touching each other, mark the burrs surface with crayon, grind and see where the burrs don’t touch. then ‘lift’ that side of the burrs using aluminum foil till they are totally flat. But again, I have not done that myself.

  2. Hi,

    What grind size settings have you found to be minimum and maximum for Chemex pour method with Eureka Mignon Brew pro?

    1. Author

      Hello Mat,
      Unfortunately I don’t have a Chemex brewer (yet) so I couldnt tell you. Perhaps a reader of this site can provide an answer to Mat’s question?

  3. Hello can you give a grind size filter coffee machines what’s your perfect size. Thanks

    1. Author

      To me, 3.5 is my starting point for V60. Depending on the bean it might differ slightly. At the moment im grinding a Caturra from Ecuador and it sits at 3.8nd it sits

  4. Hi,

    What grind size settings are you using for a V60?

    1. Author

      Hello Alvin. I use 3.5 as a starting point. Depending on the beans and roast, it might be a little different. Just start from 3.5.

  5. Hi, I see that you have a Comandante C40 now. How would you compare the grind consistency between the two. What do you prefer in terms of cup quality? thank you.

  6. Author

    Hey Ali,
    Im sorry for the late reply, I was a little busy.
    Concerning your question:
    De C40 is amazing in terms of consistency and it’s even better than the Brew-Pro. The Eureka Brew-Pro needs less cleaning than the C40. Cup quality is better one the C40 but that doesnt mean the brew-pro has a bad quality at all. I do use the Brew-Pro a lot when Im brewing larger batches and im not disappointed with the result.
    There are pro’s and con’s for both grinders but thats a different topic I guess.
    Comparing the two grinders would be very hard because one is a handgrinder and the other automatic. I hope this answer helps a little.

  7. Hi, do you know what the differences are between the brew pro and specialita are?
    I have the specialita and I’m in the market for a drip coffee grinder. I’d rather spend my money on a better espresso grinder though, so if the only difference are burrs then I’m wondering if I can change them out to work as a brew pro? Then get a shiny new espresso grinder killing two birds with one stone.

    1. Author

      Hey Arran,
      The only difference are the burrs indeed so you are good to go! There might be a change in motor if the Specialita is an older model, so please contact Eureka about this before changing burrs.
      While looking into a new espresso grinder I can definitely recommend the Atom by Eureka. Either the 65 or 75 are excellent choices.
      They’re silent, super fast and have great results in consistency and retention.
      Another great alternative is the Niche Zero, I hear great things about it so you might want to check it out since it’s way cheaper.

      1. Hi Rik

        Thanks for your response, ye I was looking at the atom 65 and Niche. I’m very curious about the Eureka’s new XL. 65mm burrs and from what I see very low/no retention. I don’t know if you’ve seen any reviews on it or heard anything.
        It’s an interesting move for eureka to bring out the xl it seems to clash with the atom 65 as burr size and price point.

        1. Hi there! I just purchased a brew pro and I do enjoy it. In my case, my grind setting is near 5 for a v60 and I tweak it from there. I’m surprised my machine’s settings are is so far off from yours. Is that normal to have that kind of variability or does mine need to be calibrated?

          I have another question. The instructions indicate that the higher the number, the finer the grind however my machine is the opposite. I get coarse at 9 and fine at 1.

          Does yours operate this way? Is it a typo in the manual or is there an issue with my machine?

          Thanks for your wonderful reviews!

          1. Author

            Hi Arran,
            Thanks for writing and thank you for the compliment.
            The fact that your grindsize is not the same as mine could be subject to many things such as humidity, pouring technique, brewer etc. Dont worry about it, in the end its all about the result in flavour and aroma.

            About your grindsize 1-9. With mine its the same: 9 is coarse, 1 is fine. I guess its a typo.

  8. Hi!
    Great review!
    I`m in the market for a brew grinder and brew pro is one that has drawn my attention. Have you measured it’s loudness in decibel?
    Do you know how it compares to Fellow Ode in terms of loudness and consistency?


    1. Author

      Hey Marius,
      Unfortunately I have not tried the Fellow grinder yet and thus I cannot make an opinion about it. About the decibel of the eureka Grinder: I dont know the exact amount but trust me if I tell you that it is a real improvement from all the other grinders I have had. It is said to reduce the noise by 20db compared to conventional grinders.

  9. Hey there,

    i have a question concerning the Grind Setting wheel which is different from ihrer eureka grinders such as the filtro Silent (multiple turnings of the wheel are Not possible).

    Is it possible to Turn the Grind Setting wheel so much towards fine That the burrs will Touch or is this prevented?

    Iam asking because the possible touching of the burrs is Somerhing That Bothers me on the filtro Silent.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Author

      Thank you for reaching out to me.
      In general it is possible to let the burrs touch UNLESS there is a screw preventing you from grinding finer. What you can do is the following:
      – Disassemble the grinder so you can reach the burrs.
      – Place aluminum foil on the lower burr.
      – Assemble the grinder and now turn the knob all the way to the finest setting. DO NOT TURN THE GRINDER ON!
      – Disassemble and see if there are markings of the burrs on the aluminum.
      – Yes? Then mark the setting and make sure never to go there.
      – No? Eureka has build in a fail-safe and the burrs cannot touch.
      (BTW if youre grinding for filter coffee, you should never go so fine. Espresso grinding on a filtro/brew pro is not recommended, the burrs are not suitable for that.)

      1. Thank you very much for your quick response!
        Maybe i didnt articulate my question clear enough (english isnt my native language).

        Iam looking for an eureka grinder on which it is NOT possible That ne burrs are touching.

        So do i get it Right That it is really depending on each Individual brew pro Unit Whether the burrs can Touch or not (a Screw?)

        Sounds a Bit Like a lottery But maybe i didnt geht it Right.

        1. Hey Mike,
          Sorry for the late reply!
          Unfortunately I cannot tell you on which grinders this is the case. I know that my Brew Pro and my Atom 75 CAN grind so fine that the burrs will touch.
          I also know that grinders such as Compak and Fiorenzato do have this failsafe installed, since I used these grinder brands as well.
          I’m sorry that I cannot give a conclusive answer.

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