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Review: Man Met Bril Koffie – Burundi.

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Beans: Man Met Bril Koffie, Akeza Karigura Peaberry, Bourbon, Natural, Burundi.
Shop: Man Met Bril Koffie, Webshop, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Man Met Bril Koffie – Burundi: Background information.

Ill start with the bad news straight away: this coffee is no longer available in the webshop at the of reviewing. I heard so much about this roaster that it was due time that I reviewed some of their product. Man Met Bril Koffie is world famous in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and this coffee easily represents their reputation as great roasters. This coffee comes from four washing stations in the Kayanza region, Burundi. As you have read in the information above, this coffee has peaberry beans. Peaberry beans are harvested from cherries that contain only one coffee bean instead of two. This makes these beans more powerful when it comes to sweetness and flavours. The peaberry beans have undergone a natural process ensuring full on fruity flavours and aromas.

Man Met Bril Koffie – Burundi: Opening the package.

Burundi Koffie

Man Met Bril Koffie offers their koffie in a paper/aluminum bag without a degassing valve or ziplock. On the front of the package you can get information about the roast type, country, bean type and washing process. On the back is a sticker with the roasting date and a picture of an insect to make it a little more arty. When opening the package I could see an even roast with beautiful peaberry beans inside. The aroma inside is fruity and already gives away the apricot note of this coffee. There is also a somewhat heavier aroma that reminds me of chocolate with spices. The peaberry tastes like yoghurt candy and lovely sweet.

Man Met Bril Koffie – Burundi: The tasting.

Burundi Man Met Bril Koffie

I reviewed this coffee on my Rocket Giotto Evo R and the Fiorenzato F64 EVO. I used 18 grams of coffee since this gave off the best results. When I was grinding the coffee, the aroma of apricot and grain came off pretty strong which was nice.
The coffee gave off a nice beige marbled colour when it flowed into my cup. The aroma of apricot was accompanied by cinnamon and chocolate on the nose. When the espresso was done, I swirled the coffee round before taking a sip. The first thing I noticed was how sweet and creamy this coffee is. The flavour of apricot a yoghurt mingled, making this espresso appear like a drink yoghurt that you buy in the supermarket. As I slurp in oxygen, the flavour of dry cinnamon joins in the background and giving that slightly dry sensation in my mouth. Swallowing the coffee opens up the pallet to the dry chocolate sensation; sweet apricot yoghurt drink, creamy mouthfeel with a dry note as well. This is something you rarely get in a coffee.

I made a Cappuccino with this coffee and it was nice. The only problem I had was that the distinct apricot yoghurt flavour faded to the background somewhat. I decided not to waste this beauty on more latte based drinks since I only had 250gr!

The verdict:

When you drink a lot of coffee, you do not get surprised easily any more. How nice is it, when you get a coffee that gives you a flavour combo that you have never tasted before! This Burundi is such a coffee. Apricot, Yoghurt, Cinnamon and chocolate…what a great combination! Creamy thick mouthfeel and long lasting aftertaste. This coffee is perfect during all parts of the day! The only downside? perhaps the acidity might be a little too high for some but hey, the upside is that the coffee will last longer!
I recommend giving coffee from Man Met Bril Koffie a try, just because this coffee was so great!

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