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Review: 5 Brewing – Ethiopia Chelba.

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Beans: 5 Brewing, Ethiopia Heirloom, Washed, Chelba, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.
Shop: 5 Brewing, Seoul, South Korea.

5 Brewing – Ethiopia Chelba: Background information.

Coffee from the Yirgacheffe region is well known for its superior quality when it comes to flavours and aromas. This particular coffee was roasted by Do Hyung Soo from 5 Brewing in Seoul. The coffee itself is an Heirloom from Yirgacheffe Ethiopia and was processed at the Chelba washing station.

This coffee is produced by a farmer group that is made up of 500 people. On average, each farmer owns two to five hectares of land. After the coffee cherries are picked, they are sorted and pulped immediately, and then fermented in water for up to two days to remove the mucilage. After the fermentation stage, the coffee is washed in long troughs.

All the water used comes from the Chelba River, high in in the surrounding mountains. After being washed, the coffee is placed on drying beds, and is turned every few hours to ensure even drying. The drying process can take anywhere from eight to ten days, depending on the weather. Currently, the Chelba Washing Station has 180 drying beds, and plans on building 80 more in the near future.

5 Brewing – Ethiopia Chelba: Opening the package.

5 Brewing Cafflano Ankomn Ethiopia Chelba

5 Brewing offers its coffee in plastic containers that can be re-used over and over. Instead of wasting plastic packages, 5 Brewing stimulates people to re-use and so protecting the environment. The container has a plastic seal inside that keeps the coffee fresh, the dark colour of the plastic container keeps out the sunlight and thus prevents the coffee from ageing too fast. The package is stylish and has a black label. On the label is some information about the origin, variety and process of the coffee.

When opening the container I smell a beautiful sweet and fruity scent. It gives off a hint of raisins. The beans are all equally roasted and the taste of the bean is great. It has a sweet fruity note at first, slowly changing into a tea-like bitterness but holds a faint blackberry kind of sweetness. When grinding the beans that same tea-like scent appears once more.

5 Brewing – Ethiopia Chelba: The tasting.

5 Brewing Ethiopia chelba

I have reviewed this coffee on the Siphon, Aeropress and Hario V60. On all occasions I used my Eureka Brew-Pro to grind the coffee.

When I fist take a sip and slurp oxygen inside, I get a bunch of flavours right from the start. Earl grey tea with hints of rose petal and jasmine. The mouthfeel that I get from this coffee is a silky lemon. The coffee is still hot but even now I can detect some forest fruit in the aftertaste.
On the nose there is a lot happening as well. Soft vanilla, sugared tea, white blossom and butter are a few notes that I detect.

5 Brewing Aeropress

The coffee cools down and the flavours get more fruity now. I slurp some more oxygen inside and notice how the lemony mouthfeel is accompanied by a soft apricot/mandarin flavour. The longer I keep the coffee in my mouth, the more the forrest fruits are popping up. Its not as clear as with a natural Yirgacheffe, but its still there. The sweetness also comes up a little more each sip. I am surprised as to how the acidity of the coffee is not that high at all. The citric acidity is there, but it does not interfere with anything on my palette and go’s great with the lemony mouthfeel. The aftertaste is quite nice and carries a hint of raisins. The coffee is juicy and keeps pulling saliva for a while making you enjoy the coffee for a little while longer. A hint of caramel can be found as well, albeit soft and faint. What a nice way to start your day!

5 Brewing – Ethiopia Chelba: The verdict.

5 Brewing has roasted a beautiful Washed Yirgacheffe that focuses on balance between fruit and floral notes. You will find rose petals, jasmine and white blossom as well as apricot, forrest fruit and raisins. This balanced combination makes for a beautiful coffee that can be enjoyed all day, every day. Take note of the citric lemony acidity that has been lowered on purpose by Do Hyung Soo. A job well done by 5 Brewing!

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