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Review: Manhattan Coffee Roasters – Kinini

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Beans: Kinini, Bourbon/Jackson/Mayaguez 71, Rebero, Rwanda.
Shop: Manhattan Coffee Roasters, Webshop, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Manhattan Coffee Roasters – Kinini: Background information.

Manhattan Coffee Roasters

As you all know by now, I am a sucker for coffees that contribute to improving the environment or supporting communities abroad. Manhattan Coffee Roasters Kinini is such a coffee. When Manhattan Coffee roasters first tasted this coffee, it reminded them of the first time they tasted a coffee from Rwanda. Manhattan Coffee Roasters felt like it was some of the best coffee coming out of the Kinini washing station and bought the whole lot. By buying this lot, Manhattan Coffee Roasters also contributed to building new roads and a school. So when buying this you too are contributing to the community at Rebero, Rwanda.

The Kinini comes straight from the micro region Rusiga and Mbogo in Rwanda. This coffee consists out of a washed Bourbon, Jackson and Mayaguez 71 and was grown at an altitude between 1973m and 2250m above sea level.

Manhattan Coffee roasters – Kinini: Opening the package.

Manhattan Coffee Roasters Kinini Aeropress

Manahattan Coffee Roasters have a beautiful elegant package with a stylish logo of the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam. On the label you will find information about the origin of the coffee, the processing, varietals and some tasting notes. On the bottom of the package you will find the roasting date. Just to be sure, Manhattan Coffee roasters put a sticker on the package that says ‘Filter’ (or ‘Espresso’).
When opening the package a soft pleasant aroma of fruity flavours escapes. This is accompanied by the scent of tea and a hint of cherry. The beans taste like raspberry with a little sourness to it, but dont get bitter at all. The beans look evenly roasted and there are no defects to be found in the package. Grinding this coffee will reveal a pleasant aroma of tea a fruitiness.

Manhattan Coffee Roasters – Kinini: The tasting.

Manhattan Coffee Roasters Kinini Siphon

I have reviewed this coffee on the Siphon, Aeropress and Hario V60. Although the three methods all resulted in a very nice brew, the best result came from the Hario V60 with a 18/300 grams recipe.

When brewing the coffee a clear honey aroma comes forth with a hint of vanilla and red fruit. After coffee cools down a little there is a transition of aroma’s where I detected a hint of lavender for a short period. After this transition the aroma’s turned to red fruit and raspberry.
When taking a sip I immediately notice the fruitiness of the Kinini. The red fruit and raspberry are clearly there, together with a soft sourness that belongs to the red fruit. As I slurp and swirl the coffee round in my mouth, a grapefruit-like bitterness appears together with soft tannins which I feel on my cheeks. The more this coffee cools, the better it gets. The coffee starts pulling saliva and each sip is getting juicier. Raspberry takes over the red fruit and tastes like raspberry sirup.. The acidity is citric lemony and feels lovely in combination with the sweetness and soft bitterness in the end. What a lovely fruity coffee this is!!

Manhattan Coffee Roasters – Kinini: The verdict.

Manhattan Coffee Roasters Kinini brewing

If you read the review, you know the verdict already. The Kinini is exactly what you’d want in a filter coffee from Rwanda. The coffee starts out great when its hot, and gets better and better when cooling down. at first it’s the red fruit that is most apparent. Then comes the raspberry; mild at first but full on syrupy later on. The combination of the tannins and grapefruit bitterness is bliss, especially because it complements the juicy fruitiness so much. Thankfully Manhattan Coffee Roasters bought the whole lot. That means you can go to their website right now, and buy it before it’s gone.

PS: Here is the link to their website, it’s a non-paid courtesy on my end.

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