Review: Origin – Bushekeri Lot 1&4

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Beans: Origin Bushekeri Lot 1&4, Red Bourbon, Washed, Polyphile Harerimana, Rwanda.
Shop: Society Cafe, Origin, Bath, England, United Kingdom.

Origin – Bushekeri Lot 1&4: Background Information.

This coffee from Origin is a an omniroast coffee from the area near Lake Kivu, Rwanda. The coffee cherries are harvested by 385 producers in the area and brought to the market where they go into auction. Polyphile Harerimana bought these particular cherries (lot 1 & 4) and brought them to the wet mill. At the location the cherries were separated by quality and then processed. In this case the coffee has undergone a washed process.
After the process Origin bought the coffee from mister Harerimana and roasted them according to the wishes of Society Cafe in Bath who, in turn, sells them in their coffee shops.

Origin – Bushekeri Lot 1&4: Opening the package.

The package that Origin/Society Cafe uses is a piece of art in itself; lots of mystical creatures and devices cover the package. Crabs, bunnies, tidal waves and even a walking factory can be found. The package has a zip lock and degassing valve to ensure the freshness of the coffee.

On the front label you will find the name of the coffee, the country of origin, process and some tasting notes. On the back you will find more information about the coffee such as the name of the producer, varietal and even a brew recipe! Way to go Origin and Society Cafe. When opening the package a clear but subtle caramel flavour comes forth. The beans look evenly roasted and of the same size as well. Let grind and brew!

Origin – Bushekeri Lot 1&4: The tasting.

I have reviewed this coffee on all the methods that I have: Espresso, Aeropress, Hario V60 and Siphon.
The coffee came out best on the Hario V60, although the Siphon gave off the best aftertaste. On the espresso this coffee was an absolute gem.

When brewing the coffee on the Hario V60 I noticed that, even when the brew was still hot, it gave off a sweet caramel scent with a hint of brown sugar. After brewing I take a sip and clearly notice a lemony sourness that engulfs my mouth. The citric acidity of the coffee is high and you notice that immediately. The sourness gives way to a flavour that reminds me of a grainy red apple and a hint of peach, especially when the coffee cools down. I love how fruity this coffee is.
After swirling the coffee round and slurping some oxygen inside my mouth, I clearly notice the caramel popping up. The flavour takes over the apple and peach flavours but go’s very well with the lemony citric acidity.
After swallowing the coffee, a note of caramelized sugar joins in with the caramel . The aftertaste pleasantly lingers in the back of my mouth.

The tasting part 2:

The next tasting is on my Rocket Giotto Evoluzione R and Fiorenzato F64 EVO grinder. It takes a couple of grinds to get the sweetspot, but once I hit that spot the result is amazing.
The coffee slowly flows into the cup and a light beige speckled colour makes up the crema. The coffee smells fruity and fresh on the nose with hints of caramel and even a floral note.
I take a sip and slurp oxygen inside my mouth. Refreshing, light bodied, high acidity and a myriad of flavours all come together in this one sip. The caramel has just the right pinch to it. The red apple and peach are all in the background, but unmistakably there. There is a hint of grapefruit and cranberry bitterness to the brew which is just superb with the citric acidity.

Origin – Bushekeri Lot 1&4: The verdict.

Origin roasted this coffee as an omniroast which can be a blessing or a curse. The Bushekeri is an absolute blessing when it comes to the espresso part of the coffee. The filter aspect is good, but fades into the background when compared to the results of the espresso.

On the filter this coffee is a fruity and refreshing coffee that has a great caramel note carrying the brew. The red apple and peach are more distinct when the coffee cools off. The aftertaste is very nice, mainly because of the caramel and caramelized sugar that come together.
As an espresso this coffee is just great. The tasting notes appear exactly when they need to and that is a big compliment. The caramel, red apple, peach and even the pleasant cranberry/grapefruit bitterness is lovely.
Well done Origin and Society Cafe!

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