Coffee Attendant Rocket Giotto Evoluzione R

Unboxing of the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione R

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Buying a new espresso machine is something you do not do lightly. After much research I decided upon the Isomac Pro 6.1 but ended up with a Rocket Giotto Evoluzione R.

When you’re about to buy a new espresso machine there are a lot of things to take in consideration. What are the specs that I want? what are the specs that I need? and of course, what budget do I have?
I really wanted a rotary pump, since this would give me more consistent shots of espresso. I was thinking about a dual boiler and a PID as well but those two things were not a priority.

My options: Isomac Pro 6.1 and the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione R.

My first choice was the Isomac Pro 6.1 because it fitted my budget and comes with a rotary pump. The brand is great and the build of the machines are sturdy.
My second choice would have been the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione R. I soon found out that this machine was way over budget, around 300 euro’s, so I let that one slide pretty quickly. I decided to buy the machine at since their pricing was sharp and appealing. But I did not end up with the Isomac after all…

So how did I end up with this Rocket after all? Click on the video below to find out!

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