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Review: WayCup Coffee – Kenya

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Beans: WayCup Coffee, SL28 or SL34, Kenya.
Shop: WayCup, Tel Aviv, Israel.

WayCup Coffee – Kenya: Background information.

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When I visited Tel Aviv in Israel a couple of weeks ago, I was surprised at how few 3rd wave shops were located in this beautiful city. After some research the first shop I visited was WayCup Coffee. WayCup Coffee has one of the most inviting staff teams I have ever encountered. Before I knew it, I was tasting someone’s personal coffee stash. The Barista told me that I really needed to try the Kenya, it was THAT good.
I drank the Kenya and was blown away, so much that I decided to review this coffee at home. There was not a lot of information about the coffee itself, where it came from other than that it is a Kenyan coffee. Perhaps I will get the information later on so I can add it to this section.

WayCup Coffee – Kenya: Opening the pacackage.

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The package of the WayCup Coffee Kenya is a beige carton bag without a ziplock or degassing valve. Personally I do think that this should change since it will allow the people to keep the coffee fresh for a longer period of time. The logo on the package is the flag of the country of Kenya with the name of the roaster printed above. This way it is easy to see what coffee you’re drinking. Unfortunately there is no roasting date or other information on the package. When looking inside the package you will see a beautiful and even roasted coffee. When eating the bean all of the above is easily forgotten. The flavours of lemon, tea and tomato are exploding in my mouth. It has been a very long time since I had a Kenya like this. When grinding the coffee you can easily smell the tea and tomato aroma’s that come forth. Let’s brew!

WayCup Coffee – Kenya: The Tasting.

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I have brewed this coffee on the Hario V60, Aeropress and Siphon. All of the brewers gave awesome results but my personal favourite was the Aeropress since I got better results in the sweet notes of the coffee. With the Siphon there were coffee was cleaner in terms of flavours but I missed the sweet notes. With the Hario V60 the citric notes were more apparent but it was less balanced.

When I started brewing the coffee the aroma’s of black tea and tomato rose up from the Aeropress straight away. The tomato aroma reminded me of a thick tomato vegetable soup. When I was done brewing and poured the coffee in my cup, I noticed a hint of THC (marijhuana) as well. I have only once noticed this aroma in a Kenya before!
I take a sip of the coffee and the citric aspect of the coffee takes over my pallet; a lemon sourness starts pulling saliva, a grapefruit bitterness caresses the back of my mouth and in the meantime the tomato soup starts to rise up. I slurp oxygen and yet more flavours appear: sweet raisins and cranberry. When will it stop? The raisin sweetness accompanies the coffee superbly and gives that little balance to the sourness and bitterness of the lemon, grapefruit and cranberry.

When the coffee cools off, the flavours tone down a little as well but the citric bright acidity sticks around. Despite the soft tannins drying my gums, the coffee has a satin like mouthfeel. The aftertaste lingers long and at one point I could even detect a hint of chocolate as well.
Each time I take a sip I am surprised at how the flavours develop in my mouth. what a great coffee!

WayCup Coffee – Kenya: The verdict.

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The lack of proper packaging and information on this coffee is something I instantly forget about when tasting this coffee. The aroma’s and the flavours are amazing. The THC (Marijhuana) scent on the brew is weird in the best of ways and totally fits in with the other aroma’s. The citric aspect of the coffee sits so well with the grapefruit bitterness and the raisin sweetness. It has been a long time since I tasted a Kenya like this…and I’m going to cherish each and every bean there is!

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