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Review: Out of the Grey – Amedeo.

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Beans: Amadeo blend, Santos, Kenya AA, Sumatra, Colombian.
Shop: Out of the Grey, webshop, Pennsylvania, USA.

Out of the Grey – Amedeo: Background information.

Out of the Grey Amedeo logo 2

The Amedeo coffee blend belongs to a special line of coffee blends that are sold by Out of the Grey coffee. This special line is called the Artisan Blend line in which the coffee blends are given the names of famous historical figures. Botticelli, Modigliani, D’Enzo and Giacomo are names that a lot of you will recognize as famous Italian artists. The Amedeo is also one of them and this blend consists out of coffee beans that come from Santos in Brazil, Kenya, Indonesia and Colombia. All those coffees are selected by Out of the Grey to form a perfect balanced blend, and we all know how difficult that can be. The coffees that are used in this blend are all 80+ coffees and 100% organic.

Out of the Grey – Amedeo: Opening the package.

Out of the Grey Amedeo package

Like always, the coffee from Out of the Grey comes in the typical beige package with a degassing valve and zip-lock. On the front of the package is the logo, some tasting notes and the varietals of the beans. On the back you can find some information about the roaster himself. On the bottom of the package you will find the roasting date.
When opening the package I see a dark roasted blend that makes me think of an espresso roast. The beans are roasted separately each have their own level of roasting. However, just as with the Nido Blend that I reviewed a while back, the coffee blend is roasted for drip coffee. This gets me excited; I love Japanese roasts and I wonder if Out of the grey can roast their drip coffee the same as for example Yamada coffee from Japan. Lets grind and brew!

Out of the Grey – Amedeo: The tasting.

Out of the Grey Amedeo Hario V60

I reviewed this coffee on the Hario V60 and the Aeropress. On the Hario V60 I used a 15/225 recipe with 90 degrees Celsius, the total brewing time was 2:00 minutes. I bloomed with 30 grams for 30 seconds, poured to 120gr, 180gr and 225gr. The result was a dark flavored and sweet brew.
For the Aeropress I used a 20/240 recipe with a brewing time of 2:40. I used a cold blooming and only one pour. The result was a low acidity, high sweetness brew.

When brewing the coffee a chocolate and tobacco aroma reaches my nose and I immediately think back to the Nido Blend. When the coffee is done brewing I take a sip and slurp oxygen inside my mouth. When the coffee is hot I get a sweet tobacco flavor that is slightly alcoholic as well. I wait a little to let the coffee cool down. I take another sip and the tobacco is now accompanied by a sweet dark chocolate and caramelized sugar note. I swirl the coffee round in my mouth and in the back a cocoa mouthfeel appears while the coffee feels smooth and silky. Secretly I am expecting a slight bitterness to appear but there is none to be found. The acidity in the coffee is certainly on the lower side but does have a bright touch to it.
The aftertaste of the coffee is a mix of sweet caramel, dark chocolate, tobacco and caramelized sugar.

Out of the Grey – Amedeo: The verdict.

Out of the Grey Amedeo logo

The Amedeo blend by Out of the Grey was certainly a surprise to me. At first I thought it was an espresso roast, but I soon learned that it was roasted for the drip coffee range: pour-over, French press, drip machines and the like.
I love how this coffee brings dark notes to the table but still manages to be sweet and smooth at the same time. Dark chocolate and tobacco notes that have no bitterness at all. A caramelized sugar flavor that feels smooth and silky instead of heavy and rough on the pallet. This blend is focused on sweetness and an easy drinking experience is seems. The aftertaste is one that lingers and brings all the flavors together: tobacco, cocoa, dark chocolate and caramelized sugar.
The low acidity in this coffee makes it a coffee that you can drink all day long without ever feeling ‘stuffed’. I have only ever tasted a coffee that can be compared to this one in terms of flavor notes: The Nido Blend by Yamada coffee. Are you looking for something different in your cup? Try this blend for sure!

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