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Review: Blue Tokai – Vethilaikodaikanal Estate

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Beans: Vethilaikodaikanal Estate, Ciociee varietal, Tamil Nadu, India.
Shop: Blue Tokai, Mumbai, India

Blue Tokai – Vethilaikodaikanal Estate: Background information.

Blue Tokai Vethilaikodaikanal Estate Hario V60

Blue Tokai has joined up with Vethilaikodaikanal Estate for the second time to sell this Microlot #2 . Vethilaikodaikanal Estate is located in Tamil Nadu; a South Indian state that is famed for its Dravidian-style Hindu temples. Grown under the shade of a plethora of trees including Red and White Cedar, Jackfruit and Jamun, this particular microlot selection comprises the Ciociee varietal, an Ethiopian variant introduced by the Coffee Board in the early 1970’s.
Blue Tokai was founded in 2013 and has opened shops in Delhi and Mumbai. In Mumbai Blue Tokai is one of the few 3rd wave coffee shops and serves only coffee from India itself.

Blue Tokai – Vethilaikodaikanal Estate: Opening the package.

The package of Blue Tokai is one of the most beautiful I have seen. The logo alone is beautiful enough to keep staring at but the backside of the package is even prettier. The package of the Vethilaikodaikanal Estate has a spiral of leaves and a long feather (Tokai is Malabari for ‘plume of the peacock’). On the lower side of the back you will find ants chasing two people.
The package comes with a ziplock and a degassing valve. When opening the package you can see an even roast and the smell coming off of the beans is a bit nutty and fruity. When eating a bean I get a floral note, earl grey tea and no sourness or bitterness at all. The scent of the ground coffee made me think of a faint candy sweetness, cookies and a hint of fruits. This looks promising.

Blue Tokai – Vethilaikodaikanal Estate: The tasting.

Like always, I reviewed this coffee on the Hario V60, Aeropress and Siphon. The Siphon gave off a sweet and pleasant brew and the Hario did more for the overall balance of the coffee. The best results came from the Aeropress; the fruity notes came out beautifully together with the coffees sweetness. The following review is written by my Aeropress tasting notes but all notes should easily be found with other brewers.

Blue Tokai Vethilaikodaikanal Estate package

When I swirl the coffee in my mouth I detect more fruity notes in this coffee. For a moment I get a sweet kiwi flavour and a more noticeable pomegranate flavour (like grenadine lemonade syrup for the Dutch readers). I notice how balanced this coffee is in terms of flavours and also how easy it is to discover them. The oily mouthfeel is nice and this coffee has a little surprise in store in the aftertaste.
The aftertaste shows the origin of this coffee: India. Cloves and spices can be found in the aftertaste when you breathe back through your nose via your closed mouth. This is not overwhelming but it is easily spotted this way. Try it!

Blue Tokai – Vethilaikodaikanal Estate: The verdict.

Blue Tokai has teamed up with Vethilaikodaikanal Estate for the second time and I am pleased with the result. This Indian arabica coffee has a lot to offer on a simple scale. I love the note of sugar cane that is overall present in the coffee. The mandarin gives it a fresh fruity note as well as the pomegranate. The finish has sugar cane and a soft cloves note, making it a coffee that can be brewed all day long. Way to go Blue Tokai.

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